4 Apps To Make Your Valentine’s Day Special [iOS]

Valentine’s Day is one of, if not the, most romantic day on the gregorian calendar. It is the day when you must impress your most loved one with a special dinner or anything that will make them feel special and loved. However, this pressure can be deemed too stressful for us guys out there who don’t want a disastrous Valentine’s Day where our loved one feels their day wasn’t the best. But when given the advantage of having our iPhones with thousands of applications that help with our daily lives, many are also available to help on this day. Today, we will look at three main situations we encounter during Valentine’s Day and an app that can help with each one of them.

Out for the Night

Your partner has decided that for this year, they want to go out to dinner. You think, “perfect, relieves me from having to find the perfect dish to cook”. However, you are now presented with a new problem. You want to make sure that they get the best restaurant in town, but you may be a little pressed on money or maybe the dream restaurant has somewhat of a waiting list.



Those situations are no problem with the OpenTable application. It is the perfect app to help in this situation. If you know the exact restaurant that you are interested in, perfect, just search it in the app. If not, you still have many options. If you want to search for restaurants maybe closer to the city center or near home, you can search based on proximity. If your loved one is feeling Italian or Japanese, OpenTable allows you to search based on cuisine. No worries on price, the application has your back with the ability to search based on price. You can search the restaurant’s reviews to see what the patrons have to say. Once you find the right place, you can reserve a seat right from the application. This will be your inside friend when scheduling dinner plans for Valentine’s Day.

Forgot A Gift!

It happens to the best of us. We are preoccupied with the Superbowl the week before and other things in between, that once we are the day before Valentine’s Day, we find ourselves remembering to go find that perfect gift. We are now presented with two options. Either go to the mall and find a decent gift or use our iPhones to do some research on the best gift we can find in our current situation.

Zappos Mobile


The best application that can help with last minute gifts is Zappos Mobile. We all know the famed Zappos.com, a website that is popular for those interested in finding new shoes. However, you may not have known this, but Zappos has a great selection of other clothing and accessory items at reasonable prices. What makes it perfect for the last minute shopper? Zappos is well known for their shipping. It’s standard to have second day shipping, but many times, the website automatically bumps it up to next business day shipping well…just because. That’s how nice they are. That’s also why I recommend Zappos Mobile for anything from bags to clothing and everything in between.

Loved from Afar

There are many situations when loved ones just can’t be together during Valentine’s Day. From being in the military to having to go on a business trip, you might be away from each other once the calendar hits February 14th. This doesn’t mean you can’t get your favorite someone the classic Valentine’s Day gifts.

Cards for iPhone


First, let’s look at the card. Apple has a new application known as Cards for iPhone. This allows you to prepare amazing quality cards right from your card and send it off to be received in about a week. You can add personal messages and choose from various high quality designs. You can even add photos to finish off the personal touch. The cards are free, all you pay is postage, which is $2.99 in the US and $4.99 to anywhere international. You get a notification once the card is shipped and received, giving you peace of mind.

California Blooms for iPhone

valentines california blooms

But what’s Valentine’s Day without flowers. They are essential to finish off your gift on the big day. 36% of Americans say they will purchase flowers with their gifts for this year. You can be apart of that 36% with the California Blooms application for iPhone. The application allows you to choose from various variations of flowers that you can order and ship right on your iPhone. If you are like me and know almost nothing about flowers, no problem. California Blooms offers clear, professional photos of each photo they sell along with care instructions that you can pass on to the recipient. This will keep the flowers alive just a bit longer.

What other ideas do you have for Valentine’s Day? Share it with us in the comments.

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