4 Apps That Help You to Save Money [iOS]

With recessionary clouds looming large on the economies across the world, people these days are in need of saving money. For many parents, the priority is to get the kids back to school clothes and supplies. If you have older kids, chances are that you are assisting them (financially) in the transition to college. There are also many individuals who are cutting back due to being laid off or job cuts. Almost everyone is feeling the pinch. This makes it essential to keep tab on your spending and find better ways to manage your money. We have found several such apps for iOS that can assist you with money saving and management.

1. RetailMeNot


RetailMeNot is a website that I make use of all the time. The website allows you to get coupon codes and even in-store coupons for multiple websites and stores. While there are some coupons in there that don’t work (user added ones), RetailMeNot categorizes them in terms of those that do work (through up votes) and those that don’t. RetailMeNot’s iPhone app is more set and organized.

You can get coupons to thousands of stores. You can set some aside for later and even let your friends know of some great coupons. Plus, you don’t need an account. This is one of the most popular coupon websites out there. Make sure you check this application out. It’s available for free in the app store.


2. Moni


Moni is an affordable application for iPhone that allows you to keep your finances in check while on the go. You are able to see transactions made from various bank accounts and credit cards. It even lets you enter a cash transaction. You can also set your own alerts regarding your accounts.

Making use of your own preset limits, you can set when your account is “Nice & Full”, “Getting Low”, or the horrible “Red Alert!”. This exceeds any application that just provides account information because it prevents awkward moments at the checkout line or when the check comes after a meal.

Moni is available for $0.99 in the App Store today.


3. Money for iPhone

App to Manage Money_Money-for-iPhone

Yep, you guessed it, Money for iPhone is a money management application for iOS as well. I wonder what gave that away? Anyways, Money for iPhone is an application that puts the control in your hands and allows you to monitor your finances like a hawk. It manages all of your modes of payment, adjusts balances and budgets, and even adds transactions that made use of cash.¬†You can get notification alerts before it’s time to pay the next bill. The charts and graphs also give you a great insight into where your money goes.

With the ability to add in other types of currency and the ability to view your transactions on a larger screen with Money for Mac, Money for iPhone is a great application for $1.99.

Money for iPhone

4. Lemon Wallet

Lemon Wallet is one of those apps that is sort of like a hidden gem. It has amazing features, all for free, with a stunning interface. Lemon Wallet allows you to add all of your cards (from credit cards to gift cards, and even your driver’s license) and acts as a back-up wallet when you seem to have lost or forgotten it at home.


Originally publicized as a place to keep receipts, Lemon has grown into an application, which is very reminiscent of Passbook. Plus, everything is kept safe and secured. This all happens while tracking your spending and ensuring that you don’t overspend and know how to save your money.

Lemon Wallet is available on the App Store today for free!

Lemon Wallet

What other apps do you use to manage your finances?

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