4 Android Apps To Improve Your Productivity

Do you want to make your life a bit less stressful, and take out more time to do more things? Even 5 minutes of freedom can be a great thing nowadays.

Here are 4 Android apps that help you make your daily routine / work more productive. Some may help you remember things while others may just help you tackle different things at the same time, without stress and improve your productivity.

1. Remember The Milk

This is one of the best to-do apps available for Android. With a simple interface and ability to put tags and locations – Remember The Milk qualifies as one of the best. Not to mention that it is free as compared to many of its competitors which provide the same or less amount of features for a price.

Remember The Milk

The app works offline and online, so you will never forget the things you have to do in the day. The app also connects with various online services, so you can access the app as long as you are hooked to the web.

Remember The Milk

2. Jorte

Jorte is a simple calendar application which allows you to put your schedule on the dates so you never miss anything. The calendar can be synced with your Google Calendar, as well as your memos, notes and tasks. Everything will be shown to you on the calendar.


The app also highlights phone numbers, addresses, Internet websites, which can be tapped, allowing you to do the respective task, i.e. tapping a phone number allows you to call it or send a text message to it.


4. Executive Assistant +

If you are a busy person, it is always good to keep everything in one simple interface. However, finding an application with a price tag that does not put a dent in your wallet is pretty difficult these days.

Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant+ is one free application that allows you to reach everything important from one interface, whether it is your Facebook, e-mail, messages, tasks, calendar, Twitter or call phonebook. Everything is available right on one-screen.

The screen can be edited to display either on your Lock-screen or Home-screen.

Executive Assistant +

4. Habit Streak

Habit Streak is an amazing, free application for Android that allows a person to be more productive by urging the user to stick to his resolutions (the ones we make at the start of every year).

Habit Streak

All a user has to do is input the goals and resolutions inside the app, after which it is just a matter of ticking (or not ticking) the resolutions as the days pass by. The app can then tell you what is the longest unbroken streak you have gone on, for a specific resolution.

That will keep you motivated towards your goal and make you more productive, as usually resolutions are done for a positive change in a person.

Habit Streak

If you know about any other application which can boost the productivity of users, please share with us using the comments section below.

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