1. I normaly use a Linux live distro to save the complete user directory to an external drive. Do you see any drawback in this methodology?

  2. Absolutely not. You can use any way you’re comfortable with but I prefer Linux Live distros in case of emergency only when no other method is working. By the way which Linux distro do you use for this kind of backup?

    1. I have a usb key installed with ‘Multisystem’. This allows me to have more distros on one memory stick. I normally use Puppy5.20 or Ubuntu 10.10 for this kind of job.

      1. @openid-87995:disqus the utility you specified is great but I usually use Universal USB installer for creating a bootable USB. It can create almost any kind of bootable system ranging from Linux distros to Windows to troubleshooting CDs.

        1. thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check Universal USB installer in the next few days. I’m curious about it, always looking for better solutions

  3. How about Windows Easy Transfer?  Have you compared the speed of the profile backups vs. using other techniques/software?

    1.  I haven’t used Windows Easy Transfer for the purpose of backups but it can be a good idea if nothing else is working..

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