3 Useful Temporary Email Services to Avoid Getting Unwanted Mails

If you like to download a lot of programs, ebooks, etc. from the internet, a disposable email service would be useful to you. There are many services available that provide you with a temporary email to sign up for downloads, free services, etc., and you don’t have to give out your own email. Many of these temporary email services allow you to have the messages forwarded to your own email. Here are 3 of the many temporary email services that we use and recommend.

1. Trashmail.net

Trashmail.net provides a free temporary email service that allows you to forward emails coming in to the temporary email to your own email address.

Trashmail.net - Main screen

To get your disposable email address, go to http://trashmail.net/.

Enter your desired email address in the New disposable email address edit box and select a domain from the drop-down list to the right.

Trashmail.net - New disposable email address

Enter the email address to which you want the messages forwarded in the Your real email address edit box.

From the Number of forwards drop-down list, select the number of times you want messages forwarded from your disposable email address.

Trashmail.net - Number of forwards

NOTE: As pictured above the starred options are only available with TrashMail Plus, which is $5.49 for one year. However, since this is a disposable email address, the free option is usually sufficient.

Select for how long you would like your disposable email address to last. You can select up to 1 month with the free option.

Trashmail.net - Life span

Select whether you want to use a captcha system to filter your incoming messages, and whether you want to be notified at your real email address when your disposable email address expires.

Trashmail.net - Captcha system

Click the Create disposable email address button. A new screen displays informing you that your account was created successfully, and summarizing the options you selected.

Trashmail.net - Success screen

Now you can use the new disposable email address to sign up for downloads without worrying about getting unwanted spam at your own email address.

2. Mailinator

One of the best and top rated disposable email services is Mailinator. You create your own email address in the something@mailinator.com format without having to sign up for the service.

To use a disposable Mailinator email address, just create one, use it on a site to sign up for a download, etc., and then go to http://www.mailinator.com/ and Check your inbox by entering the email you created into the edit box. You do not need to enter the domain (@mailinator.com).

Mailinator - Check your inbox

Once you give out this address, anyone can check your email by entering the email address on the Mailinator site. However, there is an alternate inbox for every email address you create. When you check your inbox, you will see an alternate inbox listed. Use this address to sign up for websites, to download files, etc. That way, when someone sees that address, they will not know what address to check at Mailinator to see your email.

Mailinator - Alternate inbox

3. Mailexpire

If you would rather specify a period of time than specify a certain number of times for email forwarding, you might want to use Mailexpire instead of Trashmail.net mentioned above.

To create an email address to use for forwarding, go to http://www.mailexpire.com/create.php.

Mailexpire - Create a new mailexpire alias

Specify your Current email address, which is the address to which you want the email forwarded.

You can choose to enter a Reminder, so you remember to whom you gave the address to and why. This is useful if you create different temporary email address for different purposes.

Select the Lifespan for the temporary email address. You can select from 12 hours to 3 months.

You must select the check box next to “I accept the terms of use” to create your temporary email address. You must also enter the captcha code to continue.

Click on the Create new alias button to finish the process. Now you can use the temporary email address you created and get the emails in your regular email account without giving out your own email address.

What other temporary email services do you use?


  1. I'm a long time user of www.10minutemail.com Just another trashable mail service. Easy and fast. Raccomended

  2. That is an useful one. Thanks for adding to the list.

  3. Use yopmail.

  4. http://trashmail.ws – fast and easy to use!

  5. You can also use http://www.easytrashmail.com which helped me several times :)

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