3 Chrome Extensions To Help You Write Better

With a show of hands, how many people think they suck at writing? Everyone is insecure about what they write. The truth of it is, you learn as you go. Sure, you can go to school and learn the proper way to write, but it’s like math. Once you know the basics, you will rely on outside help to make you seem like you know what you are doing.

All of the below links are to Google Chrome apps and extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Many applications like MS Word or Open Office have some of these features built in, but not everyone used those apps to write. And if you are using a web-based word processor/ text editor application, you may not have any of them.

1. EZ Auto Corrector

EZ Auto Corrector is fantastic. Many people are used to the instant auto-correct of common words. With the amount of emails people send, it is good to have them at least appear like you know basic grammar. With this app enabled, you can type like you are sending an SMS. Some of the default corrections are:

  • r – are
  • u – you
  • gr8 – great
  • ur – you are

Another great use for EZ Auto Corrector is a text completer. When I used a Blackberry, there was something similar you could do on there. I had all kinds of shortcuts installed to complete common phrases. Here are some examples you could use to make typing faster.

  • ty – thank you
  • np – no problem
  • yw – you’re welcome
  • ang – angioplasty
  • stg – small town girl

I did not see a character limit for the end result. It was able to add 50 characters as a replacement “word”

chrome writing - ez auto correct

2. Write Space

If you use desktop applications like Write monkey or Darkroom, you will like Write Space. It offers a minimalist, distraction free place to write.

chrome writing - write space

There are no real features to adjust while you are in the app. All you have on the screen is a word counter and it is at the very bottom.

chrome writing - write space word count

If you want to change some settings, there are options accessible through the Manage Extensions menu. If you want a different background or font color, you will need to know the HTML code for the color.

3. Phras.in

Phras.in is a good word or grammar helper extension. It can tell you which word or phrase is more popular. There are many times where the English language can throw you for a loop and you aren’t really sure what word to use in a sentence. Simply open the app and type in the two choices into the text boxes to see which one is more popular.

chrome writing - phras

You will see how may hits each one got. Underneath the results, there will be an explanation of the two words or phrases.

chrome writing - phras examples

You can also access similar results by using this URL http://phras.in/phrase1/phrase2. Just replace phrase 1 and phrase 2 with the word or phrase you want to compare like this http://phras.in/alot/a lot


Writing is a process. it can take years to get to a point where you feel comfortable letting others read your work. As anyone who writes for a living will tell you, the only way to get better is to write… A LOT.

What are the writing applications or extensions you use in your Web browser?

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Trevor Dobrygoski
Trevor Dobrygoski

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