3 Awesome Ubuntu Apps For Wallpaper Slideshow

Ubuntu comes with a set of pre-loaded wallpapers that can be used individually or as a slideshow that changes the background after a certain period of time. But there are some restriction with the default wallpaper. It does not (easily) allows you to create a wallpaper slideshow with your selected pictures that are not part of the default ones provided. You need to edit the wallpaper configuration file to include each new picture in the slideshow, and this is a time taking process and most certainly not convenient.

If you want to manage your wallpapers without any special effort, you have the option of using dedicated apps. These apps provides you greater flexibility in wallpaper handling with ease. You can use your favorite pictures individually, in a slideshow that changes picture in user defined time interval. I have sorted out three of such easy-to-use wallpaper apps that will the change the way your desktop looks.

1. Wallch

Wallch lets you create a slideshow of wallpapers of your choice from a set of pictures. These pictures can be stored in multiple directories. You can set the time interval for background change.


Option available to configure it to start at boot time. It is advisable to choose this option otherwise you will have to manually start the application each time you boot in Ubuntu.


Use the following commands in terminal (ctrl+alt+T) to install Wallch in Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install wallch

To remove Wallch in Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get remove wallch

2. Variety

Variety is an applet indicator that lets you create wallpaper slideshow from pictures stored at various location as well as from several different online sources such as Picasa and Flickr. Apart from setting the time interval for the slideshow, you can also apply various filters for blur or oil paint effect on the wallpapers. Since Variety sits in the top panel, you can use it for a quick change in the background image or deleting a wallpaper. To change the settings or configuration select Preference from the drop down:


You can see the different configuration options here. As advised before, select the option to start Variety at start up to enjoy the wallpaper slideshow painlessly.


Use the following commands to install Variety in Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install variety

Use the following command to remove Variety:

sudo apt-get remove variety


Slidewall is a complete wallpaper application that provides all the functionalities of Wallch and Variety. In addition, it also provides the option of using Android-style live wallpapers in Ubuntu. It comes with bunch of live wallpaper with option of adding more live wallpapers from different sources. You can select the type of wallpaper you prefer from the settings.


So if you want some good live desktop background (like the one in picture below) and are not feeling comfortable with Conky, Slidewall is the perfect suite for your need.


Use the following command in terminal to install Slidewall:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:fioan89/slidewall
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install slidewall

Use the following command to uninstall slidewall:

sudo apt-get remove slidewall

Hope it helps you in making your Ubuntu desktop look better. What is your favorite way of managing wallpapers? Do you know some better tips for wallpaper management? Do share with us as well.

Image credit: Super Mario Wallpaper

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