Giveaway of the Week: 3 Annual WPMU Accounts (Update: Contest Closed)

If you have ever purchased a premium plugin for your WordPress site, then I am sure you have heard of WPMU. They are one of the biggest WordPress plugins developer and seller that supports WordPress, WordPress Network (multisite) and BuddyPress. And if you are wondering, they are also the guys behind the awesome Edublogs Education Blog Network. For our giveaway of the week, we are glad that to have 3 annual WPMU accounts to give away.

WPMU is one of the major players in the premium WordPress plugins market. With over 140 plugins and 160 themes in their library, you are sure to find at least one plugin that will suit your needs. I used to be a subscriber of WPMU and there are a few things that I love about their services:

1. Access to all plugins and themes with one subscription

If there are a few plugins that you are interested in getting from WPMU, with a single subscription, you have access to all of the plugins and themes in their library. This is definitely much cheaper than purchasing each plugin individually. In addition, you are free to use the plugins on any number of sites without any restriction.

2. All the plugins and themes work in WordPress single site and multisite setup

If you are running a WordPress multisite setup, you will know that not all the plugins (free or premium) that you purchased will work. The good thing about WPMU’s plugins is that all of them are tested in the single and multisite environment. In fact, most of the plugins are being used in their Edublogs network, so you can be sure that they have been tested to work in the live environment.



For this giveaway, we have 3 annual WPMU accounts (cost $479.40) to give away. Follow the steps below to participate in this giveaway event.

Thank you for your participation. The contest is now closed.

  1. Rajat
  2. Cu Chuoi
  3. Rodrigo Alejandro Magno Márquez

Closing date: 9th April 2013.

Thanks to WPMU for the kind sponsorship. If you would like to sponsor a giveaway, do contact us here.


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  1. Hi, Great Giveaway!! Done the Required Steps mentioned above and i am in. Thanks a lot for the Giveaway!!

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