3 Android Apps To Automatically Silence Notifications On A Schedule

Have you ever been in a meeting or other place and forgot to silence your phone? I know I have. In some cases, this can really cause problems, but in general, it is disrespectful in most situations. The other part is, when you silence your Android phone notifications, you have to remember to turn the sound back on after the meeting.

The applications talked about below all have the same theory behind them – they allow you to schedule times where your Android phone will automatically silence or turn the notifications back on after the allotted time. Each of these applications is a free or Lite version and most of them have an inexpensive paid version if you want a few more features.

1. Husher

Husher seems to be the most feature-packed free version of the group. The key features that set Husher apart are the option to set up to 5 keywords to automatically include or exclude. What I mean by this is, you can sync your calendar with Husher. Husher will automatically look at the appointments and when it sees a word you have chosen (e.g. meeting, interview, court, date night), it will automatically silence your Android phone for the duration of that appointment.


There is a feature that allows you to quick activate silence by turning your volume down using the volume keys. When you do this, a screen will pop up asking you how long you want the phone to be silenced. There are always last minute times when your boss may pull you into his office for a quick sit-down.


2. Ring Scheduler

Ring Scheduler lets you make rules for how and when you want your phone to be silenced. There isn’t any association to your calendar like some of the other applications in the list. The way Ring Scheduler works is you can choose a time of day, what days you’d like it to repeat and the ringer settings. What I thought was neat here is, you can have your Android set to Airplane mode. There is also a blacklist application letting you create a setting for a specific phone number.


3. Phone Silencer

Phone Silencer does one thing. When you turn your volume down manually, you are asked for how long. When that time is done, the volume is restored. Pretty straight forward and useful if you don’t need all of the other bells and whistles. Phone Silencer would be more for the person who remembers to silence their phone but not to turn the ringer back on.



There are 3 different levels of Android automatic ringer and notification silencer applications. Depending on your needs, you can see that Husher offers the most personalization. If you are constantly in meetings or varied places where you need a silenced phone, this should fit your needs. However, if you are an occasional user or have a pretty set schedule, one of the other two apps will do the trick.

How do you remember to silence your Android phone before a meeting?

image: Sarah G


  1. If you can remember to use one of these apps before a meeting, the movies, etc, then why not just silence it yourself?

    Yeah turning notifications back on is helpful, until a meeting runs long.

  2. Been using Shush for quite some time.  Works like the Phone Silencer app but has a nifty wheel interface to show duration and time returned.

  3. hey there ,
    These 3 Softwares are not supported in my phone what should i do

    1. What is the model of your phone?

  4. You can try looking for one that is compatible by searching — Phone Silencer — in the Google Play Store from your phone. Or look here on your computer — https://play.google.com/store/search?q=Phone+Silencer&c=apps

  5. Try out this app, it has all the features of the above apps combined … Silencefy .. Silence the phone according to schedule or by location or as per calendar keywords. Also has battery saver options.


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