3 Android Applications To Take Control Of Who Can Call You

People are using their phones more and more as their everything device. It does everything except gives them a bath. One of the things you may feel you have no control over is who can call or message you. Taking control of your phone is a little more than managing your contacts.

What if you decide to change your phone number and the person who had it before you signed up for all kinds of services to text message information to them? Or maybe they had a lot of bill collectors or a persistent ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend? All of these are pretty realistic things that can happen.

Another possible reason may be you need block calls and SMS messages while you are in meetings or on vacation. Below are a few options to take control of your phone.

Gang Filter is an Android application to block a time where you can limit calls. There are options to choose sections of the day when you can receive everybody’s calls and messages while blocking them at others. This is a great feature if you have a company issued phone. You can set the auto-reply to activate when you are done with work for the day or on the weekends.

There are some other great features too. You can whitelist numbers so they will always come through, backup and restore your settings and enable security to protect your settings.


Call Blocker is a more of an on-device privacy measure than restricting who is calling you or messaging you. When starting Privacy Box for the fist time, they suggest you set a pattern lock for security. What you can do then is add the contacts you’d like to lock down to the Privacy Box app. Any calls or SMS messages to or from this person will not show up in the logs on your phone.

I am sure there are other reasons for an application like Privacy Box other than to hide communications from your spouse, but that is one of the uses they list. I would think using it to keep business communications a bit more protected is a better reason.


Ultimate Call Blocker really is the most feature filled option. What is cool is, there are multiple options from what happens when a person calls you; one is to pick up the call and hang up right away. You can get pretty specific on who you allow and who you deny. There is an option to set an auto-reply message for calls and messages when they are being blocked too.


I think the phone part of your phone is one of the most overlooked parts of any smart phone when it comes to apps and adding features. Adding a call blocker or way to keep your communications private is something everyone should really consider. Do you want someone picking up the phone and calling your mom? I know I don’t.

What are your thoughts on the privacy of your phone and what precautions do you take to protect it?

Image credit: spierzchala