3 Must Have Android Applications To Clean Out Your System And Keep It Blazingly Fast

During the normal everyday usage of your Android device, there will be accumulated digital junk files. These may be the cache from all of your Facebook exploits or a really full call log from all of your sales calls. For Android phones with low memory, this digital junk can take up needed space. It is surprising how many entry level Androids are still coming with less than 1 GB of space after all of the bloatware is on there.

To solve this dilemma, there are Android applications available that can help easily clean out your phone with a couple of clicks. They may go by different names; system cleaners, history erasers or even cache cleaners. They usually do the same thing. Below are a couple of examples. It may not be a bad idea in most cases to power cycle your Android phone after you do any cleaning.

1. History Eraser

History Eraser is a very simple to use Android application that will help you eliminate a bunch of unwanted clutter. By eliminating information like your frequently called list, your Android Market searches, Gmail search history and lots of others, you can free up a good amount of usable space.

History Eraser is the only one on the list that gives you the option to do anything with SMS and MMS messages. If you are a high volume text and picture messenger, you could benefit from this feature.


2. Android System Cleaner

Android System Cleaner cleans out a bit more than just your history. There are 3 tabs to this application: Process Clean, Cache Clean and History Clean.

The Cache Clean and the History Clean will erase residual application information. The Process Clean is a little different though. If you have an application that is hanging up or even slowing down your phone, you can run this to help un-stick it. You will likely see some of the speed return to your device.

Android System Cleaner gives you the most flexibility in what you can clean out on your Android phone. If you are looking for a more full featured system cleaner, this would be it.


3. Smart Cleaner

Smart Cleaner adds even more options to clear information. On top of the history, cache and process files, you can also choose to clear Temporary Internet Files and even downloaded file caches. Being able to independently choose what you want to erase is helpful in a troubleshooting and space management scenarios.

There are not really any settings for Smart Cleaner. When you select what you want to clean and click the Clean button, Smart Cleaner does its thing. Simple is good.



These are just a few of the possible options to free up space on your Android phone. Regular maintenance of your Android phone will help keep it running in tip-top condition. If you have limited space and don’t want to root your Android, keeping an eye on your available space is a task you will have to get used to doing.

How do you keep your Android in tip-top shape?

intro image: Cleaning by Big Stock Photo.

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