3 Alternatives to The Windows Store For Windows 8 Apps

As usual, Microsoft wants to keep the fun to itself with the Windows Store in Windows 8. Microsoft has always wanted to keep users confined to what they want you to use and the Windows Store is another example. Since the release of Windows 8, several alternatives have popped up to help users have a bigger and better selection of apps to use. We will look at some of the best alternatives to the Window Store out there so you can have every option at your disposal for finding apps for Windows 8.

Why do you need alternatives to the Windows Store?

Microsoft only provides apps they deem appropriate and secure for Windows 8. They have to go through a submission process, similar to how apps are approved for the Google Play and iTunes Store. This process can take some time and users may want something that is not available in the Window Store because of it. Alternatives to the Window Store give users more options and scope when it comes to the types of apps they use in Windows 8.

1. Softonic

Softonic is one of the most well-known software archives on the Internet. They have been one of the largest software portals since the early 1990s. They have released an official app from the Windows Store to give you access to their own database of apps for Windows 8.

1. You can get the Softonic app from the Windows Stores by searching for “Softonic.”

2. Once installed, it is set up like the Window Store. As you will see, most of these alternatives to the Window Store work the same.


3. If you navigate to a particular app in Softonic, you will be redirected to Softonic’s website page for that app. You can then download, install and begin using the app from the Start screen in Windows 8.


The big difference between the Windows Store and Softonic is that when you install an app, the process is more like how you install and uninstall traditional program than it is an app.

2. Great Windows Apps

Great Windows Apps is one of the first alternatives to hit the Internet and provide a replacement to the Windows Store. This app seeks to replace what they consider “garbage apps” Microsoft has approved in its own store. Great Windows Apps filters out what several high-profile websites have agreed are garbage apps so users can find the cream of the crop on the Windows Store.

1. You can get Great Windows Apps in its free or paid version from the Windows Store by searching for “Great Windows Apps.”

2. After installing it, Great Windows Apps works exactly like the Windows Store.


3. When ready to download an app, download and install it just like you would in the Windows Store.


Great Windows Apps seeks to do what Microsoft seems unable to do: approve quality, stable apps that all users can benefit from. The more you use Great Windows Apps as opposed to the Windows Store, the more you will see what garbage apps this app store fights against.

3. Intel AppUp

Intel AppUp provides a variety of apps Microsoft would never add to the Window Store. You are required to download Intel AppUp program to use its features, but the benefits come in the wide range of paid and free apps. Some of the apps are expensive, but the features they offer are much better than the same app you find in the Windows Store.

1. You can get the Intel AppUp program from Intel’s web site.

2. When you install Intel AppUp, you can browse through categories to find apps that you want. However, if you want to download and use apps, you will need to register with Intel AppUp to do so.


3. If you head to an app page in Intel AppUp, you can download or purchase an app to begin using it. The Intel AppUp will download and install the app in the background and will redirect you to the Start screen when installed.


Like the Softonic alternative to the Windows Store, if you want to uninstall an app installed through Intel AppUp, you will have to do so like you would a desktop program in Windows 8. Intel AppUp offers a wider range of apps than the Windows Store, Softonic and Greater Windows Apps.

These three alternatives to the Windows Store give you a much wider scope of apps for use in Windows 8. Do you use different alternatives to the Windows Store? Let us know in the comments below.

Melissa Popp
Melissa Popp

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