2ClickUpdate Maintains And Clean Up Ubuntu With A Single Click

We have previously came up with 8 ways to clean up your Ubuntu machine, but 2ClickUpdate manages to reduce all the steps to just a single click. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to update, maintain and clean up your *buntu machine, you have just found it.

By itself, the update manager in Ubuntu has done a really good job in performing regular check with the repository and prompts you when there are update available. What it doesn’t do is to remove junk files and clean up your system. This is where 2ClickUpdate comes in. In addition to the regular system update, 2ClickUpdate also removes junk files, cleans used space and optimizes RAM memory.

The following is what 2ClickUpdate is capable of doing:

  • ReApt: Updates your package list.
  • SmartApt: Installs the latest updates for your applications and system components.
  • AutoremApt: Removes packages that were automatically installed to satisfy dependencies for some package and that are no more needed.
  • OrphanApt: Removes packages and configuration files which are not required by any other package upon your system.
  • AutocleanApt: Removes all stored archives in your cache for packages that are no longer in the repositories or that have a newer version in the repositories.
  • CleanApt: Deleting from cache the downloaded packages to free up some space.
  • RamCleanApt: Optimizes RAM memory.


2ClickUpdate is dead simple to use.

1. Go to the 2ClickUpdate launchpad website and download the deb file (make sure you download the 2ClickUpdate_all.deb and not the 2click-update-core.deb).


2. Double click the deb file to install it in your system. Go to “Applications -> System Tools -> 2ClickUpdate

That’s it. It will proceed to do everything by itself. No configuration, coding, bash command required.




Download 2ClickUpdate


  1. BleedingEdge can also keep your system clean by emptying /apt/cache, removing old kernels, uninstalling Mono, finishing partial installs, updating the package database, and emptying the trash. Best of all, it is simply a shell script (not compiled) that you can learn from. It is located here:




    1. Thanks for informing. It sure looks like a great software.

  2. Does 2click update my system? I would like to know what is being update such as the mint update and review stuff before installing. Also I know Ubuntu Tweak has several of the these feautures but this seems much easier to use.

    How effective is the RAM optimization?

    1. Seriously, it is difficult to gauge how effective is the RAM optimization. I am already using a 4Gb RAM for my system and it is more than enough for my daily usage. After the RAM optimization, I don’t really see much differences, but that could be due to the fact that I am already underutilizing my current resources. Your mileage might differ.

  3. errrm, I have a problem – when I install it – I can only install it again – I can’t use this software. I am confused. Is it because of some kind of bug? I am using Ubuntu 10.10….

    1. Are you able to install it in your system? It should work with Ubuntu 10.10

  4. this is awesome. i will try it, but i very worry. i am noob in linux. hehe

    1. No worry, 2clickUpdate is very easy to use. If you call yourselves a noob, all the more you need this software.

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