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If you’ve spent any amount of time browsing the Web, you’ve encountered captchas. This is when you need to decipher random letters and numbers within an image and type it into a box. Basically, this is to prove that you’re human.

These are a hassle on their own, but for large projects like web scraping, they’re a roadblock. This is exactly what they are meant to stop, but there are plenty of legitimate uses for web scrapers. With the rise of machine learning, many projects rely on large datasets scraped from the Web. For these types of projects, a captcha solver like 2captcha is a secret weapon.

What Is 2captcha?

There are plenty of captcha solvers out there, but the problem with a lot of them is how often they fail. 2captcha solves this problem by using actual people to solve the captchas. If you’re looking for a solution for how to bypass ReCaptcha on websites, this is a key strength.

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Because of this, there are two types of people who should be considering 2captcha. One is customers, meaning individuals or companies who need to bypass captchas. The other is people looking for work. For this article, we’re focusing on using 2captcha as a captcha solver.

Getting Started with 2captcha

Getting up and running with 2captcha is simple. Just head to the website and sign up, which is entirely free. All you need to enter is your email address and a password and then choose whether you’re a customer, a worker, or a developer.

2captcha Review Choose Account Type

Unlike many simpler captcha bypass services, 2captcha can solve many different types of captchas. The ability to function as a ReCaptcha solver makes it especially attractive since these are trickier to bypass.

Once you’ve signed in, you can look at various stats on the dashboard, including how many workers are currently online. You can also add money to your account, which you can then use to buy captcha bypass services.

2captcha Pricing

2captcha has two different pricing tiers. The rate is currently $0.87 for 1,000 normal captchas. Unless you’re working on a massive scale, this is far from a bad price.

Because they’re more difficult and time-consuming to solve, the rate for ReCaptcha bypass services is higher. The rate is currently $2.99 per 1,000 ReCaptchas. This is still fairly affordable.

2captcha Review Payment Options

You can add funding from a wide range of sources, including Bitcoin.

How Reliable Is 2captcha?

Before anyone can get started working for 2captcha, they need to go through a training course. This means workers are familiar with the process before they get started solving captchas for you.

2captcha employs a reputation system to make sure that workers are effectively solving captchas.¬†For every 1,000 captchas solved, workers earn one reputation point. For every mistake they make, their reputation will suffer. If workers make too many mistakes, they won’t be allowed to solve captchas any longer.

2captcha Review Stats Customers

Some people try to cheat the system using automated captcha solvers to complete their work for them. This is closely monitored, and if ¬†workers are caught doing this, they’re banned from the site. Nearly 70,000 workers have been permanently banned from 2captcha, so it’s clear that 2captcha is closely monitoring for cheaters.

Since ReCaptchas are more expensive, it’s good to know that workers can’t just start solving them exclusively right away. First, they need to build their reputation. Only once a worker has reached a reputation level of three or higher can they focus exclusively on ReCaptcha bypass work. If their reputation falls, they’ll need to build it back up before they can work exclusively on ReCaptchas again.

Does 2captcha Guarantee Results?

As mentioned above, workers will occasionally make mistakes when solving captchas. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about paying for incorrect results. 2captcha will issue refunds for incorrect recognition.

This doesn’t always work in the customer’s favor, as sometimes mistakes are unavoidable. For instance, if the captcha shows an image where a character could either be “0” or “O,” you wouldn’t get a refund. For obvious mistakes, however, your refund request would be approved.

Is 2captcha Right for You?

2captcha is one of the better automated ways to bypass captchas we’ve encountered. Yes, it will cost you more for ReCaptcha bypass work, but this is also more time-consuming, so this makes sense. Considering actual workers are solving the captchas, you’re getting a lot more for what you pay for.

For more information, see the 2captcha website.

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