15 Funny Internet Memes to Crack You Up this Week

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As the world is seemingly full of bad news lately, we can all use something to crack us up. To do that, we’ve scoured the Web and found some of the best funny Internet memes to give us all a very good laugh. Could this entire list of funny memes be focused on “Karen,” COVID and 2020 in general? Absolutely! Fortunately, some of the best memes had nothing to do with any of the top trending stories. Here are some of the best memes for you to laugh at this week.

1. The Last Dance

Funny Memes This Week Jordan 2020

Anyone who loves sports, especially basketball, was glued to the television on Sunday nights when ESPN aired Michael Jordan’s “The Last Dance.” The 10-episode series brought a whole new series of memes to life. Few were more memorable than Michael Jordan jamming to music on the bus or looking at Isiah Thomas’s remarks on the iPad. Mash the two together with any funny writing, and these memes are the gift that keeps on giving.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Funny Memes This Week Dicaprio Meme

There is no doubt Leonardo DiCarpio has been the source behind thousands of memes over his career. This laughing face from his role in “Django Unchained” is definitely enjoying a moment right now. Wherever you enter the funny Internet memes world, this face appears for subjects that jump across nearly every topic you can imagine. That’s good news for all of us.

3. Eighth Grade

Funny Memes This Week Eighth Grade

As noted in the intro, this entire list could be built around 2020 and COVID. This one in particular is especially hilarious for parents who thought their kids would never go back to school. No question this one will make parents go into a fit of laughter.

4. Time Machine

Funny Memes This Week Time Machine

Guys, you all know this one is true. If you had a time machine and went back in time, you would very likely do something silly. Bring Doritos back through time. That sounds like a great idea. Just imagine the look on the face of a caveman when you feed him a handful of chips. That this image includes the nacho cheese version is just icing on the cake.

5. Gandalf Goes Shopping

Funny Memes This Week Gandalf Grocery

We have all been kids and likely all gone grocery shopping with our parents at least once. With that in mind, we can all relate to this meme. The giant aisles are easy to get lost in, even for adults. Sending a kid on a mission to find one item? He may be back in five hours. Maybe.

6. Hospital Heroes

Funny Memes This Week Heroes Hospital

We cannot be the only ones who watch all of the Batman, Spiderman and Daredevil movies and shows and wonder what happens to all of the henchmen. Does Joker provide health insurance for his henchmen? What about Kingpin? Those poor “goons” and their medical bills!

7. Teachers Just Want Fun

Funny Memes This Week Teachers Fun

At least once in your life you have seen a teacher instruct the class in this way for a test or homework. Did anyone really listen? This meme is totally accurate. Especially these days.

8. Video Game Wall

Funny Memes This Week Video Game Wall

Yes! This wall absolutely looks like something in a video game that would break. You may find a hidden room full of treasure or a new pathway to the boss. No matter what, this meme is about as real as video game memes get.

9. Need a Vacation

Funny Memes This Week Vacation

So how much do we all need a vacation in 2020? We can all agree that if there has ever been a year where you need a break, 2020 is the year. This meme and those like it are hilarious reminders that we would go to extreme measures right now for a break.

10. PlayStation 5

Funny Memes This Week Ps5

This meme is both funny and sad. It’s funny because of how real it is that people try and do silly stuff like this. It’s equally sad because of how real it is that people try and do stuff like this. Either way, the visual of Skeletor running out with his hands on a PS5 is just too good to pass up.

11. Construction Fun

Funny Memes This Week Construction

If this image did not come from a construction equipment theme park, it needs to. This looks like so much fun, and the caption is just perfect. Everything about this meme just works.

12. Drake Knows All

Funny Memes This Week Drake Toilet Paper

The Drake meme is definitely familiar to anyone in the social space but it goes to another level with toilet paper. If you are anything like me, the “over” or “under” toilet paper roll is a constant battle in my home. Drake has it right and proves that my wife is wrong. This meme is a win-win.

13. Karen Haircut

Funny Memes This Week Karen

“Karen” memes are all the rage right now and for good reason. The “I want to speak to the manager” type of shopper has inspired its own subreddit, social channels and plenty of conversation around the Web. This haircut and bad “Karens” seems to go hand in hand these days.

14. Cat Sleeping

Funny Memes This Week Cat Sleep

What funny meme list is complete without at least one cat? This cat meme is proof that pets really are the bestest friends we can ever have. Let’s call this one a split between being both funny and accurate.

15. Back to School Face

Funny Memes This Week Back School Face

There is a good chance that parents around the world with kids going to virtual school all have had this exact face at least once this week. Virtual school and getting young kids to sit still is one of the world’s most difficult challenges. Stay strong parents. We can do it.

Finding the best memes every week is one of the most enjoyable tasks you can undertake. The list of hilariously funny Internet memes is nearly endless. The sense of humor of meme makers all over the world never fails to amaze or make us laugh. What’s your favorite meme this week?

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