25 Funny Internet Memes and Jokes to Crack You Up This Week


Who says technology and geek stuff is boring? No way. So, to crack you up this week for a few laughs and smirks, we’ve scouted some of the funniest and wittiest Internet memes and jokes that tech enthusiasts and geeks can relate to. Laughter, as always, is the best medicine.

FYI, the word ‘meme’ came from the Greek word “mimema,” which means ‘that which is imitated’ or ‘something imitated,’ says Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary. Memes are either quirky, funny, provocative or senseless.

1. Remember these? If you’re a millennial, you have probably used some of them. Can you still recall your first cassette album? I think mine was Nirvana’s Nevermind.

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2. If programming languages are tools, they look like these. What’s your expertise?

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3. Having a hard time remembering your passwords? What a genius!

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4. Android or iOS? Blackberry is taking a hoot.

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5. The biological son still doesn’t get it.

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6. Before the trip: the tech-savvy travelers can relate. (I’m guilty!)

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7. This is the evolution of storage – and now it is off to the cloud.

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8. If only the tech support guy knew who was on the other line.

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9. How a horse uses social media – it’s seems like ‘it’ enjoys the post.

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10. It looks legit but dangerous. But hey, at least it can boost the speed, so do it at your own risk.

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11. The advantage of technology and they wonder how it was done. Wi-fi, anyone?

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12. He got them all covered but that smile tells us more.

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13. That delayed response nails it. “Browsers!”

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14. This is a funny Justice League of the Internet – and Facebook doesn’t want to be called a nemesis of Google +.

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15. Grandpa cassette tape would like to remember the good ol’ days.

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16. They just need to take shots from different angles, don’t you think so?

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17. Yes, ma’am! Open the doors … plus the gates, too – tech support problems.

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18. How it feels when unboxing a new gadget.

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19. Students these days – they take down notes so quickly.

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20. Face to face with the impostor.

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21. Why not change the password to “incorrect” and follow Steve’s advice?

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22. The “any key” must be somewhere.

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23. This is a smart way to get the attention of your family members to do household chores.

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24. Perhaps your last option if you forget all of them.

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25. I didn’t know Gandalf uses Mac – I’m just wondering how he could play Flappy Birds there.

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We hope you had a few laughs. Which of these is your favorite?

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  1. The term “meme” was actually coined by biologist Richard Dawkins.

    Entertaining post here. Thanks!

  2. These jokes are ok but ONLY ONE of them made me laugh
    Hhhhhhhmmm u could put some other FUNNIER JOKES ON THIS WEB OK!

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