17 Funny Internet Memes to Crack You Up this Week

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As the world is seemingly full of bad news lately, we can all use something to crack us up. To do that, we’ve scoured the Web and found some of the best funny Internet memes to give us all a very good laugh. Some of the best memes had nothing to do with any of the top trending stories. Here are some of the best memes for you to laugh at this week.

1. The Obligatory Will Smith Slap Meme

Of the million or so memes that were made following Will Smith’s infamous slap of Chris Rock at the Academy Awards, this one sums it up wonderfully. This shot of Kanye beaming widely then quickly losing his smile after looking off-screen pretty much mimics Will Smith’s sudden change of mood after looking over at his wife Jada, who didn’t take kindly to Chris Rock’s joke (leading to one of the most memorable Oscars moments in recent memory – seriously, do you even remember what won ‘Best Picture’ this year?)

2. Frasier Looking at Elden Ring

Funny Internet Memes Elden Ring 1

The “Frasier looking at video games” Twitter page has a well-earned following of over 50,000 people. It’s excellent at juxtaposing deadpan images from the sitcom Frasier, and when the time came to get involved in the craze around FromSoft’s hit RPG Elden Ring, it didn’t disappoint. That golden fog wall may not mean anything to people who haven’t played it, but those who have will know that on the other side awaits a (probably grueling) boss fight.

3. … And a little more Elden Ring

Forgive us for capitalizing on the stuff that everyone is talking about right now, but we have another gem for Elden Ring players. The Radahn boss fight in the game is unique, in that you can summon a whole bunch of allies as you’re galloping to face off against the formidable boss. It very much feels like this badass slow-walk from the Pixar movie Monsters. Inc. (until you get decimated multiple times, that is).

4. Invincible

Invincible is one of the best adult animations around, and the recent news that Mark Grayson (the voice of Invincible) is back in the recording booth means we can tentatively start looking forward to Season 2. As one of the best shows out there, Invincible is the meme gift that keeps on giving.

Funny Internet Memes Invincible 1

This scene is one of the most iconic from the series and has given birth to countless variations, as the meme quickly rose to the top of the social sphere. No spoilers today but the “battle” between father and son was one of the most captivating TV moments in recent memory.

5. Invincible Part Two

Funny Internet Memes Invincible Part Two

Think Mark, think” is yet another famous moment from the season one finale of Invincible. Parodied in too many ways to count, the peak meme of the father-son battle is likely to last well into next season. Seen here parodying the Obi-Wan/Anakin Skywalker battle, it’s easy to transition to countless movie scenes, which speaks to why this meme may just last as long as the Vultrimites on earth.

6. Star Wars Prequels

Funny Internet Memes Invincible Starwars Prequel

There are not many certainties in the Star Wars world of memes – except when it comes to the prequels. This is so true that it has spawned an entire subreddit of its own at r/prequelmemes. Watching Anakin and Padme in the movies was, depending on your prequel point of view, somewhat cringeworthy. That said, it’s still giving us hilarious memes to this day, so it’s not all bad, right?

7. “Duck” Tape

Funny Internet Memes Duck Tape

Hilarious! That’s the best way to describe this meme. It’s not initially clear if it’s from a movie or a real-life scene in terms of the image itself, but either way, it’s a really fun message that is likely to convince more than a few people it’s real.

8. Zoom Cat

Funny Internet Memes Invincible Zoomcat

We’ve all been there in this new remote/work-from-home world. The mute button fails, we’re on camera and don’t realize it, or in the case of this lawyer, not remembering to swap out the background image. As someone who has consistently used fun backgrounds on Zoom, this is an easy thing to forget. Rest assured, this is one meme the lawyer won’t soon forget.

9. The Office

Funny Internet Memes Invincible Theoffice

The sassy man in The Office TV show is a character ripe for memes, and the internet does not disappoint. As someone who uses exclamation points in his writing unnecessarily, this meme really hits home. Of course, you can substitute quite a bit with Stanley’s “I want to be anywhere but here” look and make it work.

10. Supermarket

Funny Internet Memes Supermarket

While this may be a meme for keeping order in supermarket aisles, it absolutely should be something that is implemented. Supermarket aisles are like the wild west and a free-for-all. Having clear lanes would go a long way to keep everyone happy and shopping. Let’s make this happen.

11. Vacation

Funny Internet Memes Vacation

As everyone starts returning to some semblance of normality (flights in the US are now back up to pre-Pandemic levels!), we get to return to the same problems and memes that we so fondly remember. This Disney meme is true for any vacation, and it’s universally true that all parents fear the credit card bill after a vacation.

12. Titanic

Funny Internet Memes Titanic

This is one of the most iconic scenes in the movie Titanic, and it’s great to see it live outside of the film as a meme. On the other hand, the message of this meme is absolutely true. It’s easy to recount the number of times you saw something on the Web that you wanted to remember for later only to never see it again. If only we had a dollar for every time that has happened.

13. Video Game Graphics

Funny Internet Memes Video Game Graphics

Retro gaming is definitely having a moment over the past few years and this meme harkens back to a better time. Before we worried about Xbox vs. PlayStation, there was a time when competition felt more pure. Nintendo, Sega and PlayStation tried every which way to get us to buy their consoles. No matter which console you bought, the days of 90s/early 2000s video game football was the highlight. As good as the graphics are today, they don’t hold a candle to the fun of games of years past.

14. Multiplayer Games

Funny Internet Memes Multiplayer

Two “The Office” memes in one article? That’s the mark of a good show. In this case, Jim and his whiteboard can provide nearly limitless opportunities to write anything. However, this particular meme really resonates because it’s absolutely true.

15. Air Vents

Funny Internet Memes Airvents

This is so true, and not just for air vents. Movies sensationalize quite a bit, which is sarcastically a mild admission. That said, this meme is really hilarious as it paints a picture of how much we are willing to accept out of Hollywood.

16. TV Time

Funny Internet Memes Oprah

There is so much truth to this meme, it’s hard to know where to begin. It’s a complete mind game to think about how quickly you can binge a show versus how much time you allow for a movie. If anyone can help explain the mentality behind that, it would be great to know because it’s 100 percent true.

17. Michael Jordan

Funny Internet Memes Thanos

No matter how long ago The Last Dance aired, Michael Jordan’s memes from this 10-part series will live forever. Still one of the most recognizable athletes and personalities in history, Jordan’s comments from this video will never leave the zeitgeist. Pairing Thanos and Jordan together? That’s a match made in heaven.

Wrapping Up

Finding the best memes every week is one of the most enjoyable tasks you can undertake. The list of hilariously funny Internet memes is nearly endless. The sense of humor of meme makers all over the world never fails to amaze or make us laugh. What’s your favorite meme this week?

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