20 Fun and Interesting Mashup Sites

Many creative sites are using two or more sites to create new services. These services have been dubbed “mashups”. Some of these mashups use services such as Google Maps, Twitter, Last.fm, but can be any two web applications to create something new.

Sites often release their API or even their source code to build upon. Because of this, sites like Google Maps are frequently used in mashups.

Below are some of the interesting mashup sites that you may not even know they exist.

1 .Lastfmlovetweet

I use this all the time. Everytime you “Love” a song on Last.fm it is automatically updates your Twitter account. It adds the hashtags #lastfm and #love to your tweets.

2. Ask.mosio

SMS a question and have it answered by a community of users. Think of it like the ‘phone a friend‘ lifeline on Millionaire, but through SMS. They also have apps making your mobile device even more useful.

3. Facesaerch

Yes, you didn’t read wrongly, nor did we type wrongly, the ‘a’ and the ‘e’ were in the right place. What Facesaerch does is to show your Facebook updates in a iTunes Coverflow way.

4. Hotelmapsearch

Uses Google maps to mark hotels in a specific city. Select specific criteria (ie price, brand name, or number of stars) to narrow your search.

5. Flickrsudoku

Basically it’s sudoku with pictures from Flickr showing numbers.

6. Pixelpipe

Upload your pictures and video to your 100+ social networks, photo/video sites and blogs with this uploader

7. Tweetwasters

Have you ever wondered how much time you’ve wasted using Twitter? Here is your chance to see.

8. Fotoland

See where the Flickr pictures were taken via Google Maps

9. Memry

The classic game of Memory with Flickr pics


10. Skatespotter

Find great spots to skate or skateshops marked on Google Maps.

11. Coffeeseeker

If you are a caffeine addict like I am, use this one to find coffee shops within a user selected distance from you on Google Maps.

12. Openfilm

A mash of commercial and user submitted videos. It is very indie stuff for the most part.

13. Dvdzreview

Reviews of new DVD movies. If you like what you see, you can buy it or rent it from numerous places.

14. Triplify


Triplify is a site which searches Yahoo, Google and Bing and displays the results in a slightly more visually appealing way.

15. Tweetbars

Show off the real you by displaying tweets in your email signatures or website. This little piece of HTML code is all you need.

16. Twitpay.me

If you want to send me a couple dollars you can send it via Twitter using this cool little tool. (@trevord209)


17. Windowshop

Window shop for popular items on Amazon.com in an interesting way. Use the arrows to navigate through the stacks album and book covers.

18. Let Me Google That For You

I like this one a lot. Do you get a lot of lazy people asking you to look something up for them? If so, this site will give them the results they are looking for, but make them feel lazy for asking.

19. Kvetch

This one is basically a Twitter complaint aggregator. Some are pretty funny.

20. 2realestateauctions

eBay real estate auctions mapped out via Google Maps. Get directions and see the neighborhood without leaving your couch. If you like it, get directions and go make an offer.

That’s all for now. Do share your favorite mashup sites with us in the comments.

Image credit: delgaudm