2 Simple Ways to Track Down that Movie or TV Show Song

If you enjoy watching any amount of movies or TV shows, then you’ve likely been down this road. You’re sitting on your couch enjoying a bit of entertainment, then suddenly there is a tune playing and either you know it, but can’t place it, or it’s simply something you’ve just never heard before. It’s the kind of thing that has long sent us scrambling to friends and family, begging for someone who can let you know. Worse, you’ve resorted to Google, or another search engine, with high hopes of settling your brain.

But take heart, as there are easier ways, thanks to technology. Both mobile devices and computers can be utilized and, given the number of us who now watch TV with a smartphone or tablet, that’s a good thing.

The Mobile Approach

If you have an Android or iOS smartphone, then you are probably familiar with apps for finding out about a particular song. Who hasn’t utilized Shazam or SoundHound when a track comes on the radio and we desperately want to know what it is. That always seems to be the time that the deejay doesn’t reveal the secret.


But holding up your phone to the radio is not the only way to use either of these free services. Pointing your device at a screen while watching a movie or TV show will work just as well for tracking down that song you wish to find.

Taking it to the Web

You can spend a seemingly infinite amount of time, or at least that’s what it feels like, typing various search terms into Google, in an attempt to locate that tune. You can also head to a place like Yahoo Answers and hope that someone replies with the information you seek.

But there is a much easier method. A web site called Tune Find may very well have exactly what you’ve been looking for.


The service is free and is largely driven by the user base, who is surprisingly quick when it comes to adding the information. Chances are, a TV show episode that has only just aired will already be listed and been populated with musical information.

You can locate TV shows and movies by either searching by keyword, or by browsing. Click on a show and it launches a list of the recent episodes to help narrow down your choice.


There even listings for new shows set to air within the coming days and a “recently added” section to give you a quick glance that may just answer your questions.

Once information has been added, other users provide insight into if it is correct, thereby self-policing in much the same way that Wikipedia works.


The site boasts more than 53,000 songs and 16,000 episodes and movies. It is perhaps the single best resource for this information that is available on the web. Combine this with mobile options for your smartphone, and your odds of tracking down that illusive song that is repeating over and over again in your head become much better.