2 Useful Sticky Notes Apps To Get Things Done In iPad

In the past where computers are not readily available, we have to depend on paper and pen to jot down notes and daily to-do list. Fast forward to today where mobile tablets and apps are the “in” things, we no longer have to depend on pen and paper to record our daily tasks (though I bet some of you still do). We can now choose from a variety of apps to better manage our life. In this article, I am going to show you 2 sticky notes apps for iPad that are simple to use, elegant and useful.

1. Sticky Notes – Free

First, download Sticky Notes Free from the App Store. It is FREE, as its name implies.

Load it up from the Home screen. Using Sticky Notes Free for iPad is pretty intuitive, particularly given its simple feature set. You’ll be greeted with a blank cork board to begin. Tap the plus sign icon in the top right hand corner to add your first sticky note. As you’d expect, a new sticky note will pop up.


Touch inside the note to edit it. During editing, you can touch the “i” info button in the note’s lower right hand corner to change the notes color and font size. Touch “Done” to finalize the sticky.


While Sticky Notes Free only comes with limited range of options, it is a great app for those who just want a simple no-frill sticky note app. It is super easy to use and costs nothing, which makes it even more attractive.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind paying a bit of money to get more functionalities, Sticky Notes with Bump is a great choice.

2. Sticky Notes with Bump – $0.99

While Sticky Notes with Bump may not be free, it is pretty close and its functionality is incredible for a simple sticky notes app. To give this app a shot, download it just like any other paid app from the app store and launch it from your home screen.

Once it opens, you’ll be greeted with a little Help popup, which for now you can ignore, because I’m walking you through everything. So just click outside the popup to close it.

You’re now greeted with a cork board, used and worn. Want a brand new one? Or something different altogether? Then I guess this a great place to get into the app’s features! In the lower left hand corner of the cork board is a flap. Swipe on it to lift it up. A dock will pop up at the bottom of your screen allowing you to change the background for your cork board. Many other stock options are available, but you can also use your own photos from the Photos app. Select your background and hit Done, and we’ll move on.


Next up are the app’s categories. Categories allow you to have several different cork boards, each of which have different sets of notes (ie. work, school, fun, etc.) and backgrounds to boot. To add or edit categories, just click the category bar to show your options.


Once you’ve edited your categories, its time to add a note. Click the plus sign in the top right corner and you’re greeted with the Add a Note popup. You can edit color, font, paper, text, and even a few other fun options like speech bubbles and calendars. Add a sticky and select what size you’d like to use, then add your note. Moving and organizing the notes is as easy as dragging and dropping them (You’ve probably noticed, or maybe even accidentally tapped, the lightning bolt next to the plus sign. This is a quick add, which is a standard yellow sticky).


Lastly, Stick Notes lets you share notes with others, as well as with yourself. To see what I mean, click the arrow in the top right corner. You’ll notice a menu come up with options to set your notes to your Lockscreen or Homescreen, attach it to an email, save it to your camera roll, or share notes via Bump. These options are great, as you’re able to better integrate your notes into the rest of your life. Bump in particular is cool, allowing you to sync your notes with your iPhone or iPod Touch that has Sticky Notes running.



So there you have it! Two options for stickies on your iOS devices! While Sticky Notes with Bump has a ton of features, it also costs money. Sticky Notes Free may be exactly that – free, but it does lack some features. So which side do you fall on? Would you rather use a free app with less features, or pay $0.99 for the ability to do a little more? Tell us in the comments!

Colin Scattergood

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