2 More Disposable Email Services To Help Eliminate Spam

There are a lot of reasons to use a disposable email service, and the coolest reason of them all is it makes you feel like a spy sending and receiving secret messages. In all seriousness, sometimes you may just want the free eBook but not the sales newsletters that can bombard your inbox for the rest of eternity.

We covered a few temporary email services a while back. This is an add-on to that post to give you a couple more choices.

1. 10 Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail gives you a random email address and inbox that is functional for 10 minutes. While this doesn’t seem like much time, most email newsletter auto responders are quick to reply with your free eBook link.

Here is how 10 Minute Mail works.

When you go to 10minutemail.com, all you need to do is copy the already highlighted temporary email address.

10 minute email address- disposable email address

Use the email address to sign up for the service or get the free prize. If it is takin0g a bit for the reply email to come in, you may want to click on the link to reset the 10 minute timer.

10 more minutes - disposable email address

When you receive an email, you will see it in the messages folder at the bottom of the page.

10 minute email inbox - disposable email address

When you are all done, you can just let the email address expire. When you the 10 minutes is up, you will see a message telling you your email address has self destructed. If you need another email address, you can click the link to get a totally different one.

10 minute email address expired - disposable email address

2. MailNull

MailNull is another service offering temporary email addresses. The difference is you have a bit more time to send and receive emails. MailNull works the same way. Here is a walk through. You will see the differences and probably see how differently the uses could be.

For starters, you need to set up an account to use the service. Requiring an account helps weed out more lazy people and spammers. MailNull also logs your IP address when you sign up.

mailnull account setup - disposable email address

To forewarn you, your account name will be a prefix for your email name. I chose MTE as my account name, so my emails are mte.whateveriwant@mailnull.com

create an email address - disposable email address

Now that you have signed up and confirmed the link in the email confirmation they send, you are ready to create an email address. Log in using your account name and the password you chose. You can choose how long you stay logged in for on this screen as well.

mailnull login - disposable email address

In the left sidebar, click Add New Address. You will have another form to fill out.

mailnull address setup - disposable email address

One cool thing about having the option to fill out all of this information is, the bottom part of the form is an optional reminder to you where you used the email address and what it was for.

In this form you are also asked how many emails you’d like to receive or for how long you’d like the email address to be active.

mailnull time before deletion - disposable email address

After all the information is filled in, you will get a confirmation screen like this.

address created - disposable email address

At this point, the email address is usable. When you receive and email reply to this address, it will be automatically forwarded to your real email address. If MailNull spots a spammy email, it will hold it in their system and not send it to your real email address.


Both of these services have their merit. They can both be used to sign up for services, make temporary logins to test services or one of the many other reasons you may need a throw away email address. I think MailNull is a bit more involved, but the added features make it better for anyone who needs more than a onetime use service.

What are some reasons you may need a disposable email address?


  1. What if i want to reactive this at a let stage? whether any option available to retrieve all files/attachments> 

  2. You forgot to mention “1 hour mail” (http://www.guerrillamail.com/), extendable as long as you like. No registration required!
    And the “Tor project” (https://www.torproject.org/) to browse the web anonymously.

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