17 Hidden Tips And Tricks For MIUI Android ROM That You Probably Didn’t Know

Ever since I started using MIUI custom ROM on my Android phone, I fell in love with it and it has replaced CM7 as my handset’s default ROM. If you are in love with MIUI as much as me, here are some hidden tips and tricks that are useful to you and you probably don’t know about their existence.

1. Long press on the icon in Toggles to launch the settings for that icon.

When you pull down the notification bar, you will see the Toggle settings for plenty of options (such as WIFI, volume, backlight etc). Long press on any icon in the Toggle mode will launch the setting for that icon.

2. Built-in Screen Capture function

One of the lacking feature in Android is the lack of a built-in screen capture feature (like in iPhone). Not anymore. With MIUI, you can press the “Menu” key and “Volume Down” key at the same time to capture a screenshot. The printed image is saved in the “MIUI: directory in the sd card.

3. Press Home key to preview screens

Pressing the Home button once will bring you back to the Home screen. Pressing the Home button button will show you all the screen thumbnails. You can also ad/remove screens from here.


4. Slide from left to right to quickly delete a message or a call log.

In the SMS or Dialer app, swipe left or right any entry will bring up the Delete mode.

5. Move home screen icon easily

Hold down an icon by one hand to enter Edit Mode, and then use the other hand to slide the screen to move the icon to the target screen.

6. Launch Music Player in lockscreen

In the lockscreen, double tap the time zone to launch the Music Player. (The Music Player is hidden by default, unless a song is playing)


7. Quickly access the Dialer or SMS from the lockscreen

In the lockscreen, hold down the icon of Call or SMS, and you can enter the responding program.

8. Activate the torch from the lockscreen

In the lockscreen, hold down the Home button to enable the torch.

9. Access shortcut menu from contact image

In the Calls, SMS or Contacts app, tap the contact image and a shortcut menus will appear.

10. Search via voice recognition

Long press on the Search button will launch search via voice recognition.

11. Switch the Battery UI to show percentage

The default battery UI can be switched to display percentage of left battery capacity. To do so, go to “Settings -> System -> Battery Settings -> Battery Indicator Style -> Percentage“.


12. Long press on the Home button to show History

Like any other Android ROM, long press on the Home button will show the recently used apps. However, in MIUI, there is also an App Killer and App Manager button. Swiping the popup left will show the search form.

13. Setting up IP dialing

If you need to add an IP prefix for a particular number in a strange land, you can set it in Settings -> Common -> Calls Settings. Turn the “Auto IP dialing” ON and set the IP prefix and current area code.

14. Send SMS for rejected calls

When you are not available to answer the phone, you may slide up the panel to reject the call and to send a message to the caller at the same time.

15. Enable 720P to record a video

If your phone comes with a camera that support HD recording, you can enable 720P in the Video mode. Run the Camera app and switch to Video. Select “High” -> “720P” in the pop-up menu of video quality.

16. Quickly uninstall an app

To uninstall an app, simply press and hold the icon until the trash bin show up at the top of the screen. Move the icon to the trash bin to uninstall the app.

17. Quickly read SMS and mark it read

In the lockscreen, press down the SMS button (without dragging it down) to reveal the new incoming message on the lockscreen. Once you have finished reading it, double tap on the SMS button to mark it read.


The above is all the hidden tips and tricks I know about MIUI. What else have I left out?

Damien Damien

Damien Oh started writing tech articles since 2007 and has over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. He is proficient in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS, and worked as a part time WordPress Developer. He is currently the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Make Tech Easier.


  1. Using the phone dial pad, dial *#*#6484#*#* and you will get a “diagnostics screen”, from which you can check out system information, as well as perform various tests on the phone.

    As a mnemonic: 6484 is “MIUI” in the dial pad.

  2. Wow this was very very useful. I was really looking for the one to edit all the home screens. Another way is to use four fingers to swipe ^_^

  3. Thank you!! I was wondering how my phone was able to play music from my locksreen when it was in my pocket… now I know!

  4. Brilliant!! Thanks a lot for all these great tricks… I knew a few but some of them are just too good, specially toggle settings, Home screen icon and screen capture!! :)

  5. I’m loving MIUI but I haven’t been able too get my phone and contacts icon to show. All my apps are there as expected but I don’t have those 2 icons which us a pretty big deal. I can access the dialer from the lock screen but that’s the only way right now. I’ve tried reinstalling the ROM and even installing the previous version but those two icons are missing. Anyone have a suggestion?

    1. You can try going to the “Settings -> Access Control” and see if you have hide the Phone and Contact app accidentally. Or did you install any app that protect (and hide) your app in the process?

  6. Im new to droid found your blog very interesting. I was talking to my cousin the other night and my son called. not sure of siquence of events but somehow started pocket dialing my son then accidently screen captuerd my call log. Im trying to figure out how i did it. Screen capture neat feature but still not sure what i hit or held down but have new folder in gallery that would like to ad contact to. led to your blog. i recently reset my droid to manufa,ture settings and started over

  7. Great Torch trick! I have an issue I’m hoping you know the answer too. I had hidden some apps via Access Control and when I unhid them (checked “Unprotected”) they didn’t come back to the home screen. This is driving me nuts!

    1. Have you tried restarting your phone and see if the application appears back on the screen? I can’t reproduce the issue, so I can’t give you a definite answer.

  8. regarding point 1, what is toggle mode? I can’t activate icon option on my phone, is it normal?

    1. Under the Settings -> Personal Settings -> Toggle. You should be able to configure the toggle mode in the notification bar.

  9. Just one word for the thing! ” AWESOME!! ” Totally find the tips n tricks helpful! thanks a loads!!

  10. Thanks dude, great tips… Although I have 1 question, I can’t select the Facebook photo for my contacts, it just places a photo that’s already stored on my sd… Any clue???

    1. What I did is to install the Facebook app and get it to sync my contact. The Facebook photo will automatically be linked to your contact pic.

  11.  hi sir, after installing MIUI on my LG P500, phone keyboard is not showing up, when i checked in settings, theres nothing i can do. plz help.

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