Increase Your Language Skills with Rosetta Stone Language Box Set (Levels 1-4)

Being bilingual can help you out when traveling to foreign lands and can also be a boon in the business world. However, it’s hard to know where to get started learning that other language when you’re working full time and not in school.

That’s where Rosetta Stone Language Box Set (Levels 1-4) excels, teaching individuals a new foreign language. Your lessons will have you matching words with images just as you learned to read and speak as a child. You’ll also move on to interactive lessons and improve your accent with speech recognition technology.

Rosetta Stone earned the PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award for Best Language-Learning Software. Wall Street Journal says, “Rosetta Stone TOTALe may be the next best thing to living n a country,” and CNN calls it “The Gold Standard.”


  • Interactive software and proprietary speech-recognition technology analyzes your spoken words 100 times per second
  • Learn to read, write, speak, and understand your desired language
  • Pick up how to shop, order, grab a taxi, etc.
  • Enter into advanced language skills including sharing opinions and discussing pop culture
  • Use Rosetta Stone mobile apps to always have your lessons with you, along with a three-month trial
  • Use the included headset-microphone for language-enhancing games and live online lessons
  • Move from beginner through advanced in levels 1 through 4
  • Compare your accent to native speakers with the advanced speech engine
  • Includes twelve live tutoring sessions with a native speaker

Choose Spanish, French, Italian, or English at 66% off for just $149.99.

Rosetta Stone Language Box Set (Levels1-4)

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