16 Interesting Things You Can Do With Twitter

I have just started using Twitter and I am already addicted to it. If you are also having fun with it, here are some applications that can make your twitting more interesting and meaningful.

1. Ask and receive answer from the twitter community

TwitterAnswer (Update: no longer exist) provides you with a platform where you can send a tweet of your question and received up to 4 answers for each questions, answered by other twitters.

2. Update and receive notification for your ToDo List.

If you are an active user of http://rememberthemilk.com to manage your to do list, then you can now send a tweet to update and receive notification for all task. There is no worry for missing a task even when your computer is out of reach.

3. Update your Facebook status.

If you find it troublesome to update both your Facebook and Twitter, you can now update both via twitter. What you need to do is to add the application inside Facebook.

4. Know where and what people are talking, every second.

Twittervision is an integration of Twitter and Google Maps. You can view instantly what people are twitting and their locations.

5. Update your Google calendar.

TwitterCal is a free service that allows you to add events to your Google Calendar from your Twitter client.

6. Take notes everywhere, anywhere.

Forget about pen and paper. Next time you think of something you want to make a note of, just twit your note to your Twitter account via twitternotes

7. Read books.

I am not joking. You can now read books with Twitter. Swotter reads books to Twitter, and via Twitter to the world. You can listen to Swotter via the web, via Instant Messenger, or via SMS messenger on your mobile phone.

8. Make a confession.

Have you done something wrong and are seeking for forgiveness? Now you can twit your sin to TwitterConfession.

9.Make money.

Make $5 for being the first one to answer the questions posted by TwitterMeThis. You think is easy? Try it out.

10. Form a mosaic with your Twitter picture.

How about seeing your twitter picture become part of a mosaic? Check it out the project at TwitterMosaic. You might see your photo there.

11. Set alarm.

Afraid that you might forget something. Set an alarm and be informed via Twitter Timer.

Update: This application no longer exists.

12. Promote your blog.

Twitterfeed scans your RSS feed and update your twitter with the latest posts and links.

13. Save lives.

This is not a Twitter application, but a real life story of how Twitter saves lives. (http://www.flowerdust.net/2008/03/31/how-twitter-saves-lives/.

14. Play game.

ColorWar2008 allows you to form team of various colors and participate in various challenges.

15. Receive weather forecast.

Get informed of the weather condition before you leave your house. Twitter Forecast

16. Collaboration.

You can set up a group tweet and send updates to all members at once. Useful for projects collaboration or managing meetings.

[updated: 17. Twitter can also help you get out of jail. Check this out]

The abovementioned list is definitely not a comprehensive list of all the things that you can do with twitter. If you know of any interesting twitter applications, feel free to add it in the comment.

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  1. Now people are extend the ability of twitter, you can remote control your computer by a tweet just like control your computer via email.

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