15 Clocks For Telling Time Within Google Chrome


Your computer came with a clock most likely in the bottom-right or top-right corner of the screen. This clock is functional enough, but there are so many more ways you could have your computer tell you the time. The Chrome Web Store is filled to the brim with various clock apps, extensions, and websites. Here are fifteen options that might just add an extra bit of excitement to how you check what time it is.


Clock does more than tell time. The app comes with both a stopwatch and a countdown timer, and it’s all packed into a small window that can rest comfortably at the corner of any computer screen.



This clock displays the time in major cities around the world, and it tucks them away in a clickable icon in the Chrome toolbar.

Awesome Clock


Browser Clock is a basic choice for sticking a clock in your Chrome toolbar. It’s pretty straghtforward – just click to see the time and date.

Browser Clock


Just like the last option, this extension pops an analog clock in the Chrome toolbar, and the only catch is that some users will have to train their eyes to glance up instead of down.



This is another clock that fits comfortably in the toolbar. It comes with a nice set of options, allowing users to change the format of the time and the color of the clock itself.

Clock for Google Chrome


This option defaults to a digital clock. It is tucked away in the toolbar, but clicking it can reveal a calendar, stopwatch, timer, and all manner of goodies.

Cool Clock


This extension turns your new tab page into a giant clock that also displays the date. Changing colors and the font is as simple as right-clicking either on the background or the clock itself.

New Tab Clock


This clock not only tells the time and date, it alerts users to planetary events. Want to know how much time there is before sunrise, when to expect lunar noon, or the current speed of solar wind? You have rather niche interests, but this is the clock for you.

Orbital Clock


This clock is highly visual. It lists upcoming birthdays along the bottom of the screen and highlights whoever’s birthday falls on the current day. There is also integration with the FlikGift API, so users can send gifts to friends in just a few flicks.

The Birthday Clock


Analog Clock is a full-screen clock for the people who prefer analog clocks and like for them to be big.

Analog Clock


This is definitely not a clock for everyone. Still, if you want to tell the time using binary, here’s an option for you.

Binary Clock


Digital Clock is a full-screen clock with customizable fonts and colors. Have your time as large as you want, as obnoxiously as you want it.

Digital Clock


All of these apps can display your current time, but Easy Clock puts multiple time zones within easy view.

Easy Clock


This is one of the simplest options on this list. It’s a giant analog clock created using HTML5. It’s basic and zippy. Enough said.

HTML5 Analog Clock


This is quite the unique and attractive option. Aside from being different, it also can display the time on tabs, work as an alarm clock, and display the weather.

Polar Clock

Clocks are easy to make, so there are a ton of options in the Chrome Web Store. If nothing here excites you, there’s still a chance there is something in the store that suits your fancy. If you would like to bring attention to your favorite Chrome clock, give it a shout out below.

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