120+ in 1: Applets – An App to Do Everything You Want and More

You won’t find a better app deal than the 120+ in 1: Applets app for iPhone. This little app includes several smaller apps to do both fun and useful things from sending group emails to checking the weather to the ability to send fun texts. All of it is available in this one little app.

The Applets app is always evolving. The people behind it never seem to stop coming up with fun news options and apps. While at one time it had over 100, it now includes over 120. Additionally, they’ve gone from just a listing of the apps to having a home screen with over seven pages of apps.

The home screen includes several nice features ensuring that this is possibly the best all-in-one app you’ll find. Upon opening the app, it presents you with the time and date and current weather. It also syncs with your calendar to show your current appointments and reminders for that day. While you would certainly find more detailed weather and calendar information elsewhere on your iPhone, this is often enough.

The applets are spread out into seven pages and listed in alphabetical order. It doesn’t have to stay that way, though, as you can list your favorites, and by pinching the home screen, it will take you directly to them. With over 102 applets, this is definitely helpful, although having them in alphabetical order suffices just as well.

It seems like every time you think they have all covered, they do an app update and provide you with even more. There are apps that include fun and interesting things to read if you have a little extra down time, such as Crazy Laws, Cool Facts, and Jokes. If you’re looking for a joke for a specific situation, you’ll find it in that applet.

There are also a number of applets to help you with emails and texting. There is one that will help you send a Group Email, Group SMS, or Mass Email, things that the regular Mail app and texting app on the iPhone don’t do. There is also a Group SMS. Additionally, there are a few apps to help you organize and export your Contacts List, and one that helps you Walk n Type. It allows you to see a camera version of where you’re walking while you send emails and texts. Don’t forget the Emoji applet for fun smileys to add to a text or email.

If you have your life organized on Google, there are a whole group of applets just for Google. These include Google Docs, Google Reader, GMail, Google Books, and more. Not to be completely left out, there is also a Yahoo! applet, just so that it doesn’t leave out those that still use that service.

The unique applets on this app are plenty. If you’re out and enjoying yourself with a few cocktails (if your bartender doesn’t know how to make your favorite drink, there’s an applet for that), and you’re worried that your friend might not be safe to drive after imbibing several beers, there’s an applet to plug in the amount drank and weight of the person in order to calculate blood alcohol content. Health nuts can also check their BMI and BMR with separate apps.

How many times a day do you think about something new you want to accomplish? You don’t need to worry about forgetting it now with the Bucket List applet. There’s also a Grocery List applet to be sure you don’t forget to pick up those items you need on your way home from work. Don’t forget to add your books to the Library Books applet to be reminded when you need to return those before you get fined.

120+ in 1: Applets does cost $0.99, but it’s a very wisely spent $0.99. It does more than you would ever imagine and it never gets stale because of the constant updates. It’s available for download on iTunes.

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

Laura has spent nearly 20 years writing news, reviews, and op-eds, with more than 10 of those years as an editor as well. She has exclusively used Apple products for the past three decades. In addition to writing and editing at MTE, she also runs the site's sponsored review program.

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