12 Thunderbird Addons You Shouldn’t Be Without

I have seen many people and companies shy away from Microsoft products recently. Whether they are moving to a Mac or just want to save costs initially. There are a host of freeware products out there to fit your needs.

One of the most common applications people look for is a desktop email application. Thunderbird from Mozilla is a fantastic replacement for Outlook. Much like Firefox, Thunderbird can be customized with any number of addons.

These are 12 of Thunderbird addons that I strongly recommend to make your Thunderbird a bit more powerful.

A calendar is one of the most important tools for anyone in business. You need to be able to quickly look and access your day. Needing to have multiple windows open and toggle back and forth is very inconvenient. Lightning is Mozilla’s calendar application.

This extension lets you add a full calendar to Thunderbird, making it more efficient to schedule appointments from an email.


When you get busy working or playing on Facebook, you might not notice it is time for the meeting. Reminderfox is a popular Firefox browser extension that is also available in Thunderbird. If you are trying to have an all-in-one mail application, reminders and to-do lists will help a lot.


Much like a browser, there are many things that can show up in your email inbox to slow down your what you or doing or even cause harm. Adblocker plus will help filter out the unsavory banner ads and other things that can be an annoyance.

For those who use Yahoo or other web-based email accounts, in some cases, the email provider does not allow POP access. For this reason, you may not be able to access your email directly from your desktop mail program.

WebMail Notifier will check your web-based email account at regular intervals and let you know how many unread emails you have waiting for you.


Mozilla put out this extension to help you check the compatibility of your add-ons. It is nothing more than a time saver. When you install an add-on or upgrade to a newer version of Thunderbird, something may not be compatible. This handy little add-on will let you know.

Quick translator does just what the name implies. If you get an email in a language you are not familiar with, you can quickly translate the words into your native tongue. This is a very important extension for those of you who work via the web or have international clients.

Do you need to work in multiple languages? Well, you know how much of an inconvenience it can be to change the input method each time you need to switch languages. Quick locale switcher allows you to quickly change your language, dictionaries and all the other stuff so you can concentrate on work.

Everyday you get a link emailed to you. Instead of clicking on the link and wait for the browser to open, you can open the link inside Thunderbird. When you click on a link in an email, a new tab will open and you will be taken to the URL destination.


This solved one of the irritations I have with long email threads. There is too much going on and the email can be distracting. This fancy little extension lets you minimize parts of the quoted email thread so you only see what you need to.


As the name implies, you will gain the ability to schedule emails. I know I use the schedule feature for a ton for things like birthdays, follow up etc. When you type up an email and it is ready to send, you can go to File -> Send Later or use the keyboard shortcut to bring up the Send later window. From this window you can choose a preset time or choose sometime more specific.


If you process a large number of emails everyday, Nostalgy will save you a lot of time. This add-on will let you create keyboard shortcuts for actions like move a message to a folder or change folders.


Last but not least are themes. If you spend a lot of time using your email program, it may as well be visually appealing, right? You can choose from over 70 different themes to spruce up your inbox.

While many people will not use any add-ons for Thunderbird. It is a fantastic program right out of the box so to speak. However, using one or more of the add-ons will only extend its usefulness.

What add-on do you use to tame the email beast called your inbox?

image credit: wikimedia