12 Google Chrome Extensions For The RSS Addicted

The Google Chrome browser is making some great strides to take over the browser game. One of the areas where it lacks right out of the proverbial “box” is its inability to handle RSS. Until recently when Chrome users on Windows machines were given the ability to add extensions, you would have to (gulp) copy and paste the feed into your reader. Pretty archaic I know.

In the short time extensions have been available for the Chrome browser, quite a few add-ons have popped up to alleviate the RSS deficiencies. Below are 13 different extensions to ease your RSS withdrawal. Granted many of these do the same basic function, each can add something unique. By no means do you need every extension on the list, but its nice to have more than one option to try.

1. Google Reader Subscribe (Update: no longer exist)

This extension does exactly what the name implies. When you visit a page with a feed, you will see a Google Reader icon in the Chrome browser address bar.


When you click on the icon you are taken directly to your Google Reader and given the option to add this site to your list of automatically updated feeds.


2. RSS Subscription Extension

The biggest difference with this extension over the Google Reader extension, is you have four preset readers to choose from. More can be added if you have something else you prefer to use.


3. TCGoogle Reader

TCGoogle Reader is a combination notifer, subscriber and conduit to reading articles in the feeds you are already subscribed to. This works a little different than most because it does not take you to a reader to read the new articles. It opens up the actual post on the website in new tabs. If you choose to, you can go to Google Reader instead.


4. Google Reader Checker

This is probably the most basic extension of the group. The unread count is displayed in your toolbar. When you click the icon, you are whisked away to your Google Reader homepage.

5. Google Reader Unread Count

Just like the Google Reader Checker, you are given an icon displaying the unread count in Google Reader. What makes this one different is it shows the true count when it reaches 1001 or higher. Most other notifiers will show 1000+.

6. Flickr Zoomer

If you subscribe to anyone’s Flickr feed, you know the pictures come through the feed in a small view. To see a larger version you need to click the link or the picture to see a larger view. Flickr Zoomer eliminates this step by showing a larger view right in your feed reader window.



7. Tabbed News Reader

If you are a news junkie, this extension will give quick access to the five most recent news articles from Google News. You can select from seven categories in the popup window.


8. Force Feed (Update: no longer exist)

Force Feed is a little different than the other subscribe to extensions. If the page does not offer a RSS feed of any kind, you will see a blue RSS icon. When you click it, you will be taken to Google Reader just like normal. The feed is created and works like normal thanks to the Page2RSS api.

9. UnBurner

The description on the download page says it best – “Strip stupid junk from end of links opened from Google Reader”. I am sure you have seen all the extra information at the end of a long URL. Use this extension to eliminate the excess clutter.

10. Video Reader (Update: no longer exist)

Video Reader adds the ability to play videos and podcasts right in your reader. Like Flickr Zoomer but for video, it saves time and clicks.



11. Revolver RSS

Revolver RSS is a great add-on if you surf your RSS feed articles like you surf the channels on your TV. In the options for the extension, enter the feed address. From that point on, when you click the Revolver RSS icon, the current tab will rotate the pages of the newest articles on the website.

You can change the time it stays on each page. If you’d like to see more than a glance, click the icon again to stop the rotation.


12. Feedly

I have to admit, out of all the RSS extensions I have tried, Feedly is by far my favorite. It changes the entire layout of Google Reader making it more eye pleasing. Instead of line after line of text and headlines, Feedly groups post together, adds featured articles, pictures and different ways to search.


See what I mean? That is much more appealing than the normal Google Reader, isn’t it?

What Google Extensions do you use to get your RSS fix?

image credit Kyle Wegner

Trevor Dobrygoski
Trevor Dobrygoski

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