10 Ways to Recycle Old Macs, iPhones, iPads, and iPods

We live in such a throwaway society, that it’s easier to discard used items rather than figure out what else to do with them. However, there’s also a big green push out there to recycle items, making it better for the planet in the long run. With your old Apple items, whether it be Macs, iPhones, iPads, or iPods, you don’t have to throw them away. You can recycle them, and even better, can even get some money in return for them.

Here are some means that you can use to recycle your old Mac products.

1. Apple – You can send Apple your old Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod, even a PC, and they will give you fair market value back for it in the form of a gift card. Get a quote online, send it in, and receive a gift card in return when everything checks out. If there is no market value for your product, they will simply recycle it for you. If you’re buying a new iPod, bring your old one to an Apple Retails Store and receive a 10% discount.


2. SellYourMac –  They buy both old macs and old iOS devices. You can get a quote by providing a description, picture, and serial number. Once you mail in the item, and it is properly tested, they either sends you a check or deposit the amount into your PayPal. They will then take your old equipment, clean it, repair it if necessary and reformat it, and sell it on eBay.


3. PowerMax – Macs, iPhones, iPads, and iPods can be traded in here. Either call them or submit a request on line to get a quote. Once you agree to the quote, mail in your device. If you no longer have the original packaging, they can send you appropriate packaging. Once PowerMax receives it, they evaluate it aesthetically, and test it out fully, to be sure it’s in a good enough condition for them to resell it, and reformat it. You will either then receive store credit, a check for the amount, or a credit to your credit card if you have already received a replacement.


4. Amazon – They have a trade-in policy for all electronics. They offer a flat price, but the electronic devices have to be in a certain working order. After signing up, you print out a label and send the product in. Once the product is received, you will get an Amazon Gift Card deposited into your account.


5. Best Buy – After evaluating the value of your product, either print a label and mail it in, or take it directly to the nearest Best Buy store. You receive in return either a check or a store gift card, with the gift card having a higher value than the check.


6. BuyMyTronics – You choose your electronic device, then choose the condition of the device, to determine the flat amount you will receive in return. Ship your item to them at their cost, and they delete your personal data and prepare the item for sale. In return, they will either issue you a check or deposit the amount into your PayPal account.


7. EcoSquid – This one works a little differently. You can search their site for people who have placed offers for your exact device. After you select the offer you want, you mail the device in and get paid. You can also donate your items or simply recycle them simply to rid yourself of the products.


8. Gazelle – Choose your electronic device and receive a flat price based on criteria of the appearance and working condition. Ship the product to them, with most transactions qualifying for free shipping. After they check out your item, they will send you the payment.


9. NextWorth – For this one, you can either find a participating retail store and have your electronic device immediately valued when you drop it off, or you can obtain a quote online, then mail it in. After they receive it, you’ll receive a check or gift card, or have the money deposited into your PayPal.


10. Small Dog Electronics – They will only trade in Macs and iPods. You can either call, email, or visit one of their retail stores to check in your machine. After they receive your product and evaluate it, they will give you a quote that you may either deny or accept. If you accept it, they will give you in-store credit.