10 Tiny Programs Under 2 MB That Get The Job Done [Windows]

It is common to have problems on your computer, but if you install a hefty application for every problem you have, very soon, your computer will have tons of applications that not only take up plenty of storage space, but also plenty of other features that you never going to use. It’s hard to find something small and sleek, do the thing that it supposes to do and do it well. You got 10 of them below.

1. Manage Your Hard Drive Space Super Easily With SpaceSniffer

If your hard drive looks crammed, you’re probably looking through folders anxiously to see what you can delete to make the hard drive a bit less congested before you consider buying a bigger one. SpaceSniffer helps you find this using an interface that looks like this:


All of the boxes are shaped proportionately to how much space they use on your drive. Once you open the program, you are prompted to select the drive you want to scan. Once you select it, the program starts filling up its interface with all of your big folders and files.

2. Get Pure System Information On Your CPU, Motherboard, GPU, And RAM With CPU-Z

If you’re an enthusiast, you’ve probably already heard of this application. If you haven’t heard of CPU-Z, you should definitely get it. The program shows you exactly all the specifics on your CPU as well as information on your motherboard, GPU, and RAM.


If you want to get it, you can follow this link.

3. Copy Files Using TeraCopy

Copying a file in Windows is easy. Copying a big file is troublesome. Copying a big file fast is almost impossible. TeraCopy integrates into Windows to replace the entire file copying functionality of the operating system. It comes with a pause button, so you can resume the file copy later. It also lets you correct errors in the process. An application like this should be in everyone’s computer.

4. Search Your Files Lightning-Fast Using “Everything”

Even if you are using a slow hard drive, with Everything, you can easily search and find things in lightning speed. Its indexing speed is just a minute or two per hundred GB. Let’s see if any other application can top that out!

5. Determine If There Are Thermal Problems in CPU Cores With TMonitor

The makers of CPU-Z present another interesting piece of software that lets you see if your thermal layout is really making the best for your CPU. Ever since the Intel Core series came out, computers no longer needed meticulous cooling setups to sustain their workload. When the CPU reaches a temperature it can’t handle, the affected core simply slows its clock down and doesn’t fire up an alert. Your computer will work, but more slowly. If you want to get the most out of your CPU, you need efficient cooling, just like you did with the old ones. TMonitor helps you find out whether your computer is really working at its full potential or not. Coupled with Prime95, you can test this yourself.


6. Nuke Any Hard Drive With Darik’s Boot And Nuke

If you are looking to erase data completely from your hard disk, Darik’s Boot and Nuke application allows you to create a boot disk that does just that. It nukes data to oblivion while keeping the drive intact. Give it a try at this link.

7. Erase a File FBI-Style With Eraser

To delete your files beyond recovery, you can make use of Eraser to get the job done. Not only does it delete your files, it also shreds them completely by writing a bunch of junk data in the area of the hard drive the files used to be in to make sure that the files are no longer retrievable.

8. Keep All Your Passwords In One Place With KeePass

It’s already been proven that over 60 percent of computer users use the same password for everything. That’s a pretty huge risk. KeePass lets you keep all your passwords in a central 256-bit AES-encrypted database within your computer that only you have access to. This lets you easily grab any password you need without having to keep it in a notebook. You can get KeePass here.


9. Clean Up Useless Junk With CCleaner 3.0

This application is generally popular with computer enthusiasts who want to keep computers sparkling clean. Instead of re-installing Windows every time you feel your hard drive is mysteriously full, just run this application. CCleaner is still free, but the professional version has a lot of perks to it. Perhaps the most amazing thing about CCleaner is that it’s very small for an application that can pack so much of a punch. This application can clean up your registry as well.

10. Put Selected Windows On Top With NailIt

If you’ve ever wanted to operate with a window always on top, you can now do this to any window regardless of whether it has the “Always on top” option or not. NailIt allows you to “nail” a window onto your screen without having to do much else than simply right-click its icon. It works on Windows 7 as well!

BONUS: Multiple Desktops In Windows With VirtuaWin

Linux users have enjoyed the ability to use multiple desktops for years. VirtuaWin now gives that possibility to Windows users in a very tiny capsule. It’s smaller than most other multi-desktop programs and actually works seamlessly even with Windows 7.

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Miguel Leiva-Gomez
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