10 Of The Best Linux Desktop Customization Screenshots To Inspire Your Creativity

One of the best thing that I love about Linux desktop is its flexibility and the ability to tweak and customize every single part of it to your liking. For those who are put off by the default ugly desktop (especially the brown desktop of Ubuntu) and have absolutely no idea how to decorate your desktop, here are 10 of the best desktop customization screenshots (sourced from deviantArt) that could inject some inspiration to your creativity.

1) My Desktop by ramios

My desktop

A clever use of transparency to make the windows stand out. Notice that most of the icons in the AWN dock are of black and grey shade that complement the dark theme.


  • GTK2.0 Theme: Overglossed by TheRob [link]
  • Emerald: Overglossed by TheRob [link]
  • Icons: Black-White 2 Neon/Style by DBGtheKafu [link] [link]
  • Wallpaper: Grassy Sunset by mattyv8 [link]
  • AWN Theme: Liquid-Black-Glas by Phlox [link]
  • Cursors: Blue Glass XCursors 3D by ezteban [link]

2) GNU Linux 03 by jjrrmmrr

GNU Linux

It is obvious that this is a well thought design. The use of the various screenlets widget match wallpaper exactly. It almost seems flawless.


  • GTK themes – BiMetallico 1.1 [link]
  • Icon – Mac4Lin ver.0.4 GTK Icon Theme [link]
  • Screenlets – widescape weather, digital clock and clear calendar

3) sth about nix by kowic


For those who like dark color, this is a good example of how you can utilize a dark theme to its fullest. There is no panel, no navigation menu and no system tray on the desktop. Other than the wallpaper, the desktop is almost bare.


  • XFCE + Compiz + Emerald
  • Theme – Vorta suite [link]

4) Intrepid Vorta by Kshegzyaj


A minimal desktop that uses the same Vorta suite dark theme, but added conky and a panel support.


  • XFCE + Compiz + Emerald
  • Conky
  • Theme – Vorta suite

5) Linux is not vista by lieshamza



  • adesklets [link]
  • Emerald theme [link]
  • VU Meter theme – [link]

6) New Desktop Layout by Horgrathi


A very simple desktop (and cute wallpaper). Note how the icons are located at the corners of the screen, making them accessible to the users, yet is not obstructing the overall design. This setup is among the easiest and the most efficient desktop design that I have seen.


  • Wallpaper – The download link to the wallpaper is no longer available. I will update this link again if I can find the source.

7) Earth Desktop by Calibre-Not-Output


This is not really a desktop customization, but a compiz effect. I have previously wrote about how to make your desktop rotate as a sphere. You can easily tweak the skydome and the background in the CompizConfig Settings Manager.

8) My Desktop :: Set-21-2008 by kErNeL-sCrIpT


This screenshot shows that you can achieve beauty even if there is nothing on your desktop. A simple and plain wallpaper and several conky setup. Cool.

9) Screenshot 22th July 2008 by solidslash


Another XFCE setup that uses dark theme.


  • XFCE + Compiz-fusion
  • GTK theme – Vorta
  • Emerald theme – Vorta
  • Icons theme – Eikon
  • Running : sonata (music player), thunar (file manager), conky (system monitor), tint2 (task manager), trayer (tray), Conky

10) linux by booochodu


This is more of a cute desktop rather than an aesthetic one. The icon theme and the gdesklets design make it pleasantly nice to look at.


  • No detail of the icon theme and gdesklets used.

Do you like the above design? If you have a better desktop design, why not share with us by posting your link in the comment?