10 Must Have Indicator Applets for Ubuntu 12.04

Indicator Applets are very useful in terms of providing quick information and play a very important role in overall Ubuntu experience. These app indicators lie on the top panel and the users can use these applets to control and/or access the application without even opening it. Here are my top 10 “must have” indicator applets for Ubuntu 12.04.

1. Weather Indicator

Weather Indicator is one of the few indicator applets which can be found in Ubuntu Software Centre. This small applet provides the temperature and weather information about your (chosen) location. It notifies when there is a weather change.


It can be installed from the Ubuntu Software Centre or by using the following commands in terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T):

2. Jupiter (Performance Indicator)

Jupiter is an fabulous applet that helps your notebook from overheating. It shows the CPU temperature and also gives you option of choosing the performance mode to control the temperature and save battery.


To install Jupiter:

3. System Load Indicator:

This applet shows the status of your CPU, Network, Memory and Disk in graphical manner. It also has various options to configure it. This applet can be found in Ubuntu Software Centre.


To install in Terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T):

4. Ubuntu One Indicator:

Ubuntu One is the default cloud service provider in Ubuntu that gives you 5 GB of free space. The one thing that is missing is that it doesn’t come with a default appindicator as Dropbox (Why?). An applet is available in private PPA that works as it is expected of it.


To install:

Your computer needs a restart to reflect the changes.

5. Key Lock Indicator :

Not all laptops come with a Caps lock or Num lock indicator or even button and this is why this indicator becomes necessary to know whether or not caps lock is on or not. It notifies every time there is a change in the state of the key. By default, it pops in panel when the locks are turned on but it can be configured to always stay in panel even when locks are off. This applet needs a restart to reflect the changes for the first time.


To install Key Lock:

6. Touchpad Indicator:

A tiny applet that lets you enable/disable the touchpad of course for your notebook. It also gives option for configuring a shortcut for the same.


To install:

7. ClassicMenu Indicator:

Aw! You miss the good old classic Gnome2 menu which stayed with Ubuntu till version 10.10 but bid farewell since Ubuntu switched to Unity/Gnome 3. Here is a good news fellas! We have this tiny little applet that gives you (to an extent) same classic menu feel.


The .deb file is available to be downloaded from here.

8. Window-List Indicator:

This small indicator applet shows the list of open windows in panel. In case you don’t feel at ease with Alt+Tab (to see the open windows and to navigate between them), then it is perfectly suited for you.


To install:

9. Feed Indicator:

This applet lets you add feeds from your favourite websites in to the Unity panel. Configuration options include refresh rate, notification preferences etc.


It can be downloaded from its official website.

10. Radio Tray Indicator:

This applet is actually a tiny radio player that lets you play different internet radio station directly from the panel. It is highly integrated with Ubuntu and also gives notifications about song change etc (depending upon radio channel). Configuration option allows you to add your favourite radio stations along with the ones which come by default with it.


To install:

If the applet doesn’t appear automatically in the panel then search for it in Unity dash and launch it. Some applet might require a restart.

Do you have any favourite applet that we missed out here? Do let us know. The Comments section is all yours.

Abhishek Prakash

Abhishek is a Linux lover and Opens Source enthusiast. He takes a keen interest in day-to-day computer life and wishes to share his experience with others to make their computer experience better and easier. He is the owner of increasingly popular tech blog Computer And You and Open Source blog It's FOSS.


  1. I remember using the CPU indicator applet in Gnome 2, and I’ve been searching for an alternative in Unity. Thank you so much for helping me find Jupiter!

    Does it set settings for all cores, or just one?

    1. Well… you cannot individually set things for each core. It takes care of everything in one go.

      1. In the past the CPU indicator used to support a high speed updating interval as of 40 mili seconds. I installed it today and I can’t go further than 100ms. Is it there a workaround or something? Thank you

    1. It won’t launch automatically. You need to search it in Unity dash and then launch it. You can make it run at each start-up afterwards.

  2. Hi,

    I have trouble with the feedindicator, it does not show my feed’s, I try this one “http://www.glid.net/syndication.axd” but it’s just showing “failed” in the window. I also tried some screenlets rss feeder, with the same problem. On my other computer (running 10.04) it works like a charm.
    Can you help? And thanks for the other indicators didn’t know they existed…


  3. I have a favourite applet that went missing. Invest. It was a great applet, easy to use, simple and just perfect for my needs.

  4. Hi,

    I need a help regarding applet. I wanna know how applet will communicate to browser. The requirement is when I’m launching an applet from a browser the applet should communicate with the browser means I wanna launch 10 applets once by clicking a link but all the applets should launch one by one and when first applet is successfully launched the browser will launch the second applet like this things will happen. How to do this thing? Please help me on this.Please help me with sample code if anything.


  5. It is better to install tint2 instead of window-list indicator
    just type
    sudo apt-get install tint2

    you will get a panel on the bottom, which will show what windows are open.

  6. indicator-multiload won’t start. It crashes with following message:

    (indicator-multiload:3214): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: GApplication subclass ‘Main’ failed to chain up on ::startup (from start of override function)

    If started from the terminal it appears and seems to work but when the terminal is terminated, it terminates also indicator-multiload. Probably a bug?

  7. Hey Boss, we need a battery applet thats shows a percentage of power left in battery for gnome in ubuntu 12.04 – there was an excellent one that worked in 11.04 called Battery Status but apparently its not updated for 12.04 :(

    any ideas? that Conky thing is too complicated to install for noob like me.

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