10 Useful Google Chrome Extensions to Help You Stay Focus And Be More Efficent

It seems like there is a never ending fight to manage time. I am sure everyone chasing the golden calendar at the end of the rainbow has read an article or two stating how to manage time. In reality, you budget your availability and focus to work more efficiently. You can’t manipulate time.

Some people mono-task, others use tools and gadgets to help make the most of their time. I am in the latter group. I loooves nerd tools. A few I commonly use are my Blackberry 8530 with a few apps, my netbook with apps like Launchy, Windows Live Writer, Screenpresso, Dropbox and both Firefox and Google Chrome with an obscene amount of extensions.

Below are a few Google Chrome extensions I use to help me work a little more efficiently.

1. FastestChrome – Browse Faster

The way FastestChrome works is, when you are reading something on the web, you can highlight a portion of text. When you do this, you will see a small bubble pop up with four icons—Google, Wikipedia, Oneriot and Surf Canyon—to choose form. By clicking on the Oneriot icon, you can see the real-time search results for the text you highlighted. It functions almost like the Kwiclick extension for Firefox.

When I found this extension, I wasn’t sure if I would use it much. I was surprised how handy it is. Even if you only use it for Google searches, it will save you time copy and pasting or typing in the search term into the Google search bar.


2. TitleTimeTacker

This extension is a great way to see how long you have been unfocused and chatting with people on Twitter or any site. In the tab, you will see an elapsed time of your visit in hours and minutes.


3. Time Report

This extension tell you how much time you spend on every website. It is great because you can see how long the page was open, but also how long you were actively using that page. You may have Facebook open for 5 hours, but you may only be looking at it for an hour.

Time Report can give you better insight when trying to find out where your time vampires are.


4. Waste Your Time

This extension measures how long did you watched your favorite websites. Results are listed in the form of long-watched order.


5. DayHiker

A few of the key features are:

  • Mini (Google) calendar with a list of your upcoming events.
  • Quick Add input box
  • Tasks and Mobile Calendar included
  • Works with Google Apps


6. StayFocusd

Stay Focused can be configured, allowing you to block or allow not only entire sites, but subdomains, specific paths, or even specific pages. Having this freedom is infinitely useful when you need to use a site that can also be a distraction. As an example, you can block Twitter.com, but allow search.twitter.com.


7. iMacros for Chrome

Macros can take a little bit of time to set up. Let me tell you what, once you have your repetitive motions set up, you will wonder how people live without it. I am just now starting to use them in Chrome. I have to admit, I really didn’t think they were worth the effort. My bad.


8. Note Anywhere

Sticky notes on any web page. I really like the stickies on my Mac, but these are great for leaving little notes all over the web. Similar to apps like Diggo or Webnotes, but just the stickies.


9. RescueTime

If you are the kind of person who like to make sure you are at equal, if not better than the average person, this is a good way to gauge that. Rescue Time not only measures the time you are slacking, it also compares you to the average user.


10. RemindMe

The name is pretty explanatory. It’s awesome because it uses Google Chrome’s bookmark syncing feature to sync your reminders to several computers. As long as you are using Chrome, you can have your reminders.


Do you use any extensions to keep you on track?

Image credit: kamera.obskura


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