10 Best Free Adobe Air Apps to Have on Your System

More and more applications are being built using Adobe Air. Adobe Air allows developers to design and implement flexible Internet applications that can reside outside of a browser. Another plus about using Adobe Air is that it’s easy to develop applications that can be used on both Windows and Mac computer systems. With so many Adobe Air apps being produced every day, how do you know which one are the top ones in the bunch? Here are 10 of the best free Adobe Air apps that you should be using:

1. Seesmic Desktop


Seesmic Desktop is one of two Adobe Air apps that help you keep on top of your Twitter and Facebook accounts. It supports Twitter lists, so you can keep up with your own, and the ones you are following. Another great feature of this application is that you can add the URL shortener and/or image sharing applications that you usually use. Seesmic bought Ping.fm late last year, so soon you will be able to update more than 50 social media sites in an instant. It is definitely a must-have Adobe Air app to have.

2. aSnippet


aSnippet is a great way to store snippets of code while sharing it with others. If you create an account, you are able to add other users and chat with them while using the Adobe Air app. It’s great because if you are stuck trying to figure something out with your code, you can use social networking to find the answer. Also, it supports various programming languages, so it provides versatility.

3. Klok


Klok helps you keep track of where your time goes. It can be used for personal, business, or both. You are able to create multiple projects, and within these projects, you can further break them down into sub-projects. It automatically keeps track of your time by pressing the Start/Stop buttons. The reports are a good way for you to view what areas need improvement.

4. Ora Time and Expense


Ora Time and Expense helps you manage your time and create invoices. This is a great Adobe Air app that has a variety of reports that you can use to see where your time has gone. It works with Projects and Types, which are similar to sub-projects. In addition to managing your time, it also gives you a way to track your expenses. A great app that provides a variety of functionality.

5. GmD


GmD brings all the Google applications (i.e. Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Reader, and Picasa) in a standalone application. The Adobe Air app also allows you to add another Google app rather than the regular ones by adding the link. It would be great if the developers would allow the different Google applications to be viewed at once.

6. Snackr


Snackr is a RSS ticker that allows you to see the RSS feeds that you are subscribed to. There are four ways to pull in RSS feeds:
1. Google Reader
2. Import OMPL file
3. Snackr suggested feeds
4. Manually enter feeds.

It’s a great way to view your RSS feeds without having to log into any application.

7. Flickroom (Update: No longer exists)


Flickroom is an Adobe Air standalone app that allows you to view photos on Flickr beautifully. One of the great things about this application is that you do not have to authorize it to your Flickr account, if you choose not to. This is something many other Flickr apps do not give an option for. You can view your photos in three ways (i.e. Grid, Filmstrip, or Map). It has a search function very similar to the one on the Flickr site. It’s a great application for photo lovers.

8. uvLayer


uvLayer allows users to discover, share, and watch videos throughout the webosphere. You can add RSS feeds from various sources, even other users’. The format is great because you can drag the different video windows around, so you can organize it any way you want.

9. Polaris (Update: No longer exists)


Polaris provides a way for you to view your Google Analytics right on your desktop. There used to be a Google Analytics Adobe Air app, but unfortunately, the links no longer work. Therefore, Polaris is a good alternative to use. You are given all the options you would get if you were on the Google Analytics site. Polaris also offers various reports that you can use to check how well your site/blog traffic is. It would be great if you could view different views of your web traffic at the same time. However, just being able to view Google Analytics on your desktop is useful already.

10. inPreso Screens


inPreso Screens is an Adobe Air app that allows you to create mock-ups for web site and blogs. It has tons of different tools that you can use to aid you in creating a design that will improve usability with users. There is a premium version that will provide you access to additional tools. However, the free version has an abundance of features that you can easily create a great mock-up.

As I stated before, there are new Adobe Air apps popping up every day, so this list will probably change, if the developers do not upgrade their applications to the newest and latest features. If you want to view more, you can go to Adobe Marketplace to search and find other Adobe Air apps.

Which are the Adobe Air apps you can’t live without?


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