10 Back to School Apps for Mac

The beginning of the school year can be quite hectic, however resources available to students online can make the year a lot easier. The Mac App Store can be a great starting point for students. The store allows you to download applications on a system that you use each day, your computer. Here are a couple of recommended applications for students of all ages to take advantage of.

1. Evernote

Evernote is the ultimate multitasking application that allows you to create notes, saved web pages, and more. You can also share the notes that you created with others. Once shared, the recipients can edit the note if you enabled that feature. This makes Evernote a perfect application for collaboration on school projects and assignments. Evernote has a fantastic cloud feature that sends all of your notes to your iPhone and iPad. Evernote is available on the Mac App Store for free.


2. Smartr

Flashcards are a popular way to study for tests and exams, but they can be horrible for the environment. After a semester, these flashcards usually get thrown away. Smartr is a fine flashcard alternative that allows you to create virtual text and photo flashcards.  Smartr even allows you to separate each group of flashcards into categories, resulting in easier discovery. Need a study partner? Smartr gives you tests based on your flashcards, as well as tips for improvement. Smartr is available for $2.99, with a free option also available.


3. Things

Things is a quite expensive application, however it’s worth every penny to purchase. The application is simple while still getting the job done. Along with school notes, Things allows you to create detailed to-dos, lists, and more. You’ll be able to see which tasks need attention in an instant. Things allows you to add ideas on a whim with the Quick Entry feature.. The attractive design, amazing organization, and the ability to create tasks on the go makes Things ithe all in one productivity application for everyone.


4. iStudiezPro

During the school year, the stress of the work load can result in missed assignments and appointments. For $9.99 at the App Store, iStudiez Pro is there to help you remember the important things in your week. The application allows you to keep track of your classes, assignments, grades, and more. iStudiez Pro allows you to also know how to get in contact with your instructors the ability to add contact information for each course. With notifications and iCloud sync, iStudiez Pro makes it no excuse to miss your next test or assignment.


5. Keynote

Some students find slideshows to be an arduous task to create. You must keep them beautiful and interesting, while still being informative. Keynote makes producing eye-attractive slideshows a breeze, allowing you to focus more on the. Keynote allows you to use amazing themes, have quick access to other iLife applications, and generate amazing animations. The capacity to record narrations and control your slideshow with the remote app makes Keynote the ultimate slideshow companion, all for $20!


6. Dropbox

Dropbox is the ultimate USB alternative. All you have to do is download the file onto your online Dropbox account, the file then becomes available with a few clicks and an upload. Don’t have the ability to download a file each time? No worries, Dropbox is also available as an application on Mac. This allows you to drag files into a dedicated folder, the file automatically updates your online account each time a new file is dragged in. Dropbox offers you two and a half gigabytes of memory for free, more memory is available at an extra cost.


7. Schoolhouse

Schoolhouse is a free assignment manager for Mac. The developer, being a student, knows what students want out of a school application. Schoolhouse allows you to organize your classes with its extensive category feature. In addition, you can know which classes need extra attention with the ability to know your GPA. Schoolhouse is great, however unless it is regularly updated, you’ll find no use in it. All in all, Schoolhouse is the ultimate $5 school organizer.


8. iHomework

Homework, assignments, and exams seem to have tighter deadlines as the year goes by. However, iHomework is there to make these deadlines easier to digest. You have the ability to quickly enter homework, and other assignments, along with their respective due dates. Features, including the ability to add your partner’s information, make it an amazing assignment and project manager as well. iHomework is available for $2.99, along with a free iPhone companion.


9. AudioNote

Listening to your previous lecture becomes an easy task with AudioNote. However, it is easy to forget that not all lessons can be easy to follow by voice alone, deviations and interruptions do happen. But, there is no reason to worry about having a forty minute recording with only ten minutes of important information. AudioNote allows you to have typed, written or drawn notes along with your recorded audio. AudioNote is available for $5, with a free option also avaliable.


10. Swackett

Swackett may not seem like a school application at first, but it’s more important than you think. Snow and ice advisories increase during winter months, resulting in dangerous conditions and cancelled classes. Additionally, you can prevent an uncomfortable wait for the bus or your parents with being able to know when you need a coat or umbrella. Swackett is a free useful application, even outside of school. Swackett X is the $3 Swackett cousin, offering the ability to get historical weather information, notifications and more.


With all of these amazing back to school applications, you’ll be on top of your classes for this year. If there is a special application that you find useful for the school year, let us know in the comments.

Ari Simon
Ari Simon

Ari Simon has been a writer with Make Tech Easier since August 2011. Ari loves anything related to technology and social media. When Ari isn't working, he enjoys traveling and trying out the latest tech gadget.

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