10 Awesome Screensavers For Your Windows PC

Changing your desktop icons and gadgets from time to time, keeps things fresh and interesting. I work from my computer many hours a day so I have a few screensavers stored. Since the process of changing them is so easy, I could change them many times a day. To view the screen savers already loaded in your control panel or to change the current screensaver to something else, follow these steps then, upload any of the following awesome screensavers to add to your collection.

1. Go to the Windows Start button (it looks like the flag in the picture above)

2. Go to Control Panel and select Appearance

3. Under the Personalization tab, click Change Screensaver


4. In the drop down menu you will see all of the screensavers that are installed to your computer. Select one and personalize the settings as well as the time elapsed before the screensaver will hibernate your screen.


Now for the fun part! Here are some of the coolest and most fun desktop screensavers out there! Download one or all of them and give your desktop some life!

Feel the heat as this flame throwing screensaver burns up your desktop with super-realistic animated fire. Imagine how good it would feel to burn up an unpleasant email or your to do list at the end of the week! Customize the settings and make it truly a unique desktop experience!


As long as you’re not in an office full of people, you might enjoy having a virtual pet! In this interactive screensaver, you can teach the bird words and phrases and other bird songs, which it will repeat back to you. It also sings on start-up creating a welcoming environment to work in.


This neon display keeps track of the date and time based on your polar coordinates. It tracks seconds, minutes, and hours then day, date and month in a rotating clock like display.

If you had the Polar Clock installed and upgraded to 64 bit, you probably lost the app. After installing the screensaver,

  • check the C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ directory.
  • Find two files and one folder (PolarClock3.scr, PolarClock3.swf, and PolarClock3).
  • Now Copy them to C:\Windows\System32\ and it will start working again.


This is visually stunning and pretty educational at the same time. This 3D screensaver shows the biggest cities on our planet with information on population and country names. The sun rises and sets according to real time position.


If you love photography, you will love Loopy! This wacky screensaver floats random pictures from Fickr across your screen so you can see all of the latest pictures uploaded to Flickr by users around the world.


When you subscribe to someone’s blog, you likely use the RSS feed method and have the posts sent to your email or Google Reader. That’s fine as long as you are checking it on a regular basis. RSSMore will display the feed directly to your desktop. This might ensure that those feeds get read in a timely manner!


If you love a good thunderstorm and some cool lightning, you will love this relaxing screensaver. This realistic looking storm will be a welcome and relaxing addition to any desktop for those times when you need a break from everything. You can also turn off the sound and just watch the lightning.


Watch the time pass with this cool slow motion effect. Each minute is numerically expressed by floating and splashing in water at super slow motion speed.


Who doesn’t love watching an aquarium? This screensaver will be a welcome and uplifting addition to your day. The lively fish swim in and around the clock as the flexible hands crawl around as time passes.


Watch your screen disappear as two armies of men battle it out blasting away your desktop with rockets, flamethrowers and bullets. There are some settings you can customize, like what weapons are used and how many men are in each army.


I have now shared some of my personal favorites with you! Leave a comment and let us know what cool screensavers you use!