1-Click Cleaner Quickly Cleans Up Your Android Phone

Nope. I am not referring to cleaning up your virus-infected phone, but if you are looking to clean up your cache and history to free up the storage space and system resources, 1-Click Cleaner allows you to do so easily.

Regardless how big the storage space you have in your Android phone, if you do not maintain it, plenty of useless stuff (such as cache, app history, leftover files and folders after you have deleted the app etc) will pile up and affect the performance of your phone. If you have installed and uninstalled plenty of apps, it can be troublesome and difficult for you to go into your phone internal system to delete every single leftover and useless file. 1-Click Cleaner aims to make that process a breeze.

After you have installed 1-Click Cleaner, all you need to one click (or should I say, one tap) to clean up your system.

1. Install the 1-Click Cleaner app from the market.

2. Open the app. You will see a big circle at the center, yearning for you to tap it.


3. When you click the center circle, you will get a prompt asking you to confirm your action. If you select the “do not prompt after”, it won’t show you the prompt in the future.


4. Once it is done, it will show a report of the stuff that it has cleaned up.


Other than the 1-click cleaning, there is also the individual items such as cache clear, SMS clear, history clear or carry out a deep clear.

The cache clear feature will scan all your applications and clean up any cache leftover by the apps.

The SMS clear allows you to easily multiple messages and delete them immediately. It saves you the effort to go into your SMS app and delete the message individually.

The history clear comes in two parts: web-based history and call history. The web-based history deals with items such as browser history, Gmail search history, Google Maps search result and market search result. The call history allows you to delete your call logs.


For the deep clear, it scans your SD card for useless files left over by apps that you have uninstalled. Most of the time, you can select all the items and press “Clear” to delete them all.


It would be great if 1-Click Cleaner comes with a scheduler so you can schedule it to run regularly. When that happens, the name “1-click cleaner” won’t be a fitting name anymore, since you no longer need any click (or tap) to clean up the system. Hopefully that is not the reason it didn’t implement the scheduler feature.

This may not be a fanciful app, but it can be a lifesaver if you need to squeeze out extra space or performance for your phone.

What do you think?

1-Click Cleaner (Android market link)

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