Weekly Roundup (June 13th – June 19th, 2010)

For those who have missed our daily publication, here is the roundup for last week.

  1. PrivacyDefender: Easy Way to Control your Facebook Privacy Settings
  2. Untether your iPod from iTunes With Rockbox
  3. Cortina: Yet Another Gnome Wallpaper Changer
  4. 5 Best Linux Software Packages for Kids
  5. How to Upgrade Your WP Blog to Multi-Users Blog Network With WordPress 3.0
  6. How to Perform Encrypted Google Searches From Firefox and Google Chrome
  7. Recharge your Google Reader Experience with FeedSquares
  8. A Review Of MeeGo v1.0: Is It Good Enough For Your Netbook?
  9. Improve Your Windows Boot Time With Soluto
  10. TweakNow PowerPack 2010: A Comprehensive Tweaker Applications for Windows
  11. Comparing Linux Photo Managers…Which Is The Best For Your Everyday Use?
  12. How to Enable Multiple Desktops In Windows

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