How to Create QR Code in Google Drive

How to Create QR Code in Google Drive

We have shown you several ways to create QR code, and most of them require you to visit a website or download a software. For Google Documents (aka. Google Drive) user, here is a quick way you can create QR code.

1. Create a new Spreadsheet in Google Drive.

2. In Column A, enter the content that you want to embed in the QR code. It can be a URL, a word, sentence, or paragraph, a contact number.

3. In the respective cell in Column B, paste in the following forumla:

=image("" & A1)

You can change the 150×150 value to set the QR code size. Also, change the “A1″ value to the cell where it will grab the content to embed.

This is what you will see:


From here, you can take a screenshot of your desktop to save the QR code.