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Juderson Jean-Baptiste has been a fervid writer since 2009. He works has appeared in the Houston Chronicle LiveStrong, and Arizona Local News. Juderson is also the founder and coordinating editor of LibreHealth -- a health blog that accentuates on providing quality wellness guides. When Juderson is bored, he is either scouring the Web for the latest tech gadgets or delving into intriguing health topics.

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How to Clear the Printer Queue in Windows 8

How to Clear the Printer Queue in Windows 8

A clogged printer queue is not something you want to deal with. Many who are in such situations watch helplessly as their ink and paper go to waste when their printer incessantly print old documents that they may not even need anymore. Fortunately, it is possible to fix this problem. This article shows you two quick ways to clear printer jobs from the queue.